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Belleville Apparitions Book

Belleville Apparitions Book

Messages From
Our Heavenly Mother
To Her Children

Messages Given through
Ray Doiron
Copyright (c) 1995
Second Printing
The reason for this book is to help spread Mary's messages which are God's words for our troubled times. Our hope is to evangelize and to help many return to God and His ways. This is the only way we will secure a peaceful future for our children.

The drawings and cover were drawn by Ray Doiron.
The Roman Catholic Church had not officially approved these events.
We humbly submit ourselves to her authority
in all things concerning this matter.
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This book is dedicated
in memory of
Sr. Pancratia Schmitt, ASC

Ray and June are from a small town in Southern Illinois. They have two sons and three grandchildren. Ray started receiving messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary in January 1993.

"The messages I receive from Our Lady,
I try to repeat them exactly as they are given to me.
I know I will make mistakes, and I know
She will forgive me for this, for I am only human.
"These messages that I receive are no longer my messages,
but they are yours. When you read them,
it is Our Lady talking directly to you."
A Message from
Ray Doiron's Spiritual Director

"I feel honored Ray has picked me as his Spiritual Director. I have known Ray for six years and never in that time have I had reason to doubt his sincerity or his veracity.
"Ray has never hidden his experiences, but he has never sought publicity. People in Renault have experienced Ray as a person who has visions and don't make a big thing of it.
"He has always taken his faith seriously. You have to see this (the visions and messages) as an adjunct of the man's faith.
"Ray's faith doesn't depend on visions. If they stopped tomorrow, it wouldn't affect his faith."
Rev. Roger Karban

His Holiness, Pope Urban VIII, States:
"In cases which concern private revelations, it is better to believe than not to believe, for if you believe, and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed, because our Holy Mother asked it. If you believe, and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true"


When Our Lady appears to me, She usually comes on the Visitation of the Rosary. There is a little wind, and when it stops, there is a bright light. With that, Our Lady's image comes forth. I feel a warm and peaceful feeling all over. She is the most beautiful Lady I have or ever will see. She is young and very regal. The light seems to glow from Her and in Her. Her whole body appears to be an eternal light, and this light appears to radiate from all around Her.
Something so bright, it is as if I am looking straight into the sun. Our Lady was asked, "Why are you so beautiful?" She said, "I am beautiful because I am love." She told me because She is free from sin and that is the way we will be also in Heaven, in our glorified body.
Her voice is soft and sweet, but with discipline. I'd know this voice anywhere. I am of this year (1994) 58 years old. She is very young, but talks to me as I were Her child. (She is the Mother of all.) When She appears, I think my heart stops, and I don't even breathe for a few moments. Her beauty is just dazzling! Far beyond words! All the time She is with me, I don't think I move a muscle. I seem to be frozen.
She does not move much herself. She smiles some, and I see and think I can hear Her gown move in the wind. I can't ever imagine anything that even closely resembles this vision before my eyes. She does not look like anything I have seen, and I know right away She is not of this world.
Her face, gown, and everything about Her is dazzling as if made of the purest, finest diamonds with elegance, and everything around her sparkles. She is usually always dressed in pure white. Gold reflects from Her garments. Even though She is all white, it is the most beautiful, exquisite gown I have ever seen. The rocks and cave glisten from her reflection.
Her hair is very dark brown, and Her eyes are a very dark blue. I've been told to draw a few pictures of what I see of Her, but it would take the most famous artist who ever lived to paint a picture of Her, and he could not capture all of Her beauty.
Our eyes seem to lock on each other. Hers are piercing and seem to look deep into my soul. She knows what I am thinking and talks slowly so I can understand Her. She says a line and then lets me think on it (so I can remember it).
I've only seen Her once with a crown. This was on February 13, 1994. It was a double ring and it had 12 stars in it, like a halo.
She is with me about 45 minutes. When She leaves, I feel very sad. Why? Because I may never see her again. I go there each month, not knowing if I will see Her again or not.
If you have ever said good-bye to a very close loved one, knowing that you may never see them again, well, multiply this about a million times, and then maybe you can have this feeling. I love my family and my wife and everything I have, but I would gladly follow Her back to heaven. Maybe this is why she doesn't let me know if I will see Her again on the 13th of the next month, so I don't think about it.
I wish everybody could see her, but we are mortals, and we can't understand God's plans.
She always gives me a message, and I try to write it down exactly as She tells me, but I know I will make mistakes in doing so. I know She will forgive me, because I am human.
I know I will have to go through a lot of suffering for this and from a lot of people. But I willingly accept this because it is Our Lady and the plans of God, our Father, and this will lead many souls in prayer and to God, and maybe experience what I have. No matter where I am, or what I am doing, She is always in my heart and mind and prayer.
I will keep going to Her and doing whatever She asks of me, even if it means everything I have and even to my death because without Our Lady, I am nothing!
Note: Why, always on the 13th of each month. Our Lady said that she wished that the 13th of each month would be celebrated as a Marian day, of rosary and prayer.

January 13, 1993 On January 13, 1993, I was awakened by this soft voice. I was sleeping on the couch in our living room. I opened my eyes to see this bright light and in this bright light was a figure of a Lady. She told me she wanted me to go to the Our Lady of the Snows Shrine on the 11th of February, which is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, and pray the rosary. She told me that it would begin on Thursday the 11th and that I was to go back on the 13th of each month for the next three months and that it would end on May 13th, a Thursday, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, and to be there at 1 o'clock at the Grotto. After the bright light left and the Lady disappeared. I could smell the very sweet scent of roses.

I did what she asked me to do. I told my friend about this and a nun (Sr. Lucy) who I am very close to. She (Sr. Lucy) told me that I should do what this Lady said out of obedience to her and find out what she wanted.
We were there at 1 o'clock and started to pray the rosary at the Grotto. After about five minutes there was a strong wind and then it stopped, and with that Our Lady appeared to me. It was very cold and rainy.
I have written down her message she gave me on the 11th of February and have been writing down everything that has been happening (and told me to do).
I don't think I am worthy of this - to see and hear Our Lady, but we as mortals are not to question what God's plans are.
I will go as Our Lady instructed me and I will continue going until October 13th, and if need be, longer or whatever Our Lady asks me to do.

February 11, 1993 - The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
At the Shrine

MESSAGE: Teach my people how to love my beloved Son, Jesus, with all their hearts.
Teach people to love each other without zealous pride or jealousy in their hearts. Work together with love for everyone.
In order to have peace, it must first start in each person.
All must pray, pray, pray for this, and peace will come!

March 13, 1993
At the Shrine

Pray for conversion of hearts and souls to my beloved son, Jesus.
Pray especially for the Pope, Bishops, Priests, and all the clergy so they do not fall in the web of the evil one, SATAN.
Pray that our Leaders preach and live the truth - the way my beloved Son, Jesus, taught us.
Each one of you, go out and evangelize to people who have fallen away in their faith, and bring them back to my Son's Sacred Heart.
Your prayers are needed more and more to fulfill my plans and the plans of the Father.

April 13, 1993
At the Shrine

You must go out into the wilderness and to the poor in spirit and preach a world-wide evangelism. God will minister miraculous healing during the time of world-wide evangelism.
The Holy Spirit is the only Power on earth that can destroy the Power of Satan. He has given you, the believer, that power. This miraculous and supernatural power of God will be released for physical healing. All this healing will be under the dispensation of Grace.
A mighty new anointing will come upon our wilderness and rivers of living water will burst forth that will produce streams and springs. It will be a mighty Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Just as the Roman soldier pierced the side of Jesus on the cross, and water and blood flowed from his side, this is the way it will come. Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit to us in His death.
As the anointing comes, you must respond because if you are not there to capture His touch, He may never pass you that way again.
Remember, He does not follow you, you follow Him!
You must learn to know and how to hear His voice when He calls. Just as Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice and I know them, and they follow Me."
You must desire to be with God to hear His voice, then you will feel the experience and experience His presence, power and love.
Go in peace and love God!
John 10:13-16

April 13, 1993
At the Shrine
When you pray, don't pray because you have to, but realize what joy there is in prayer.

Pray that someday, fathers will learn to love their children, more than their hatred.
Hatred is the poison that destroys the dreams of the innocent and turns the future into a living hell. It is the cancer that destroys our children and their future.
Satan wants to destroy all which is good in the world.
Pray that people will open their hearts to God's healing and His love. Pray the rosary every day because it is the sword against Satan's power and I will enter your hearts and lead you to my Son and the Father.
Go in peace and love God!
(On this apparition, Our Lady was dressed all in white. She seemed sad. There was a light behind her, but wasn't as bright as it was the first time I saw her.)

May 13, 1993
At the Shrine
From Ray:
In this apparition, Our Lady was dressed all in white again. The light behind Her at times became so bright I could hardly look at it. Her face is so beautiful! No one could describe it or put down what he or she sees.

It is as if the statue of Our Lady comes to life. She would become so bright at times and then dim. This kept up all through the apparition.
I asked Our Lady a question about the fifth apparition and she answered me. I wrote what she said in another note.
When the end of the apparitions come, I feel so sad because it was the last of the four times She told me to come here. I told Her good-bye, and it ended.
I will go back again on the 13th of June and each 13th of the month until the 13th of October. I don't know if I'll see Her again, but I'm going out of obedience to Our Lady.
I now believe that the reason Our Lady wanted it to be kept a secret because She did not want it to become a side show or carnival. Too many people and writers are making millions of dollars off this and it is not meant to be this way. An apparition is meant to be sacred in what She says. She said to pray the rosary every day with love for Her and Her beloved son, Jesus!

May 13, 1993
At the Shrine
"Do not be afraid. I will be with you always and will teach you."

I am the Immaculate Conception, ever Virgin and Mother of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, and mediator between Heaven and Earth.
My message to you is the same as it has been over the centuries and is still the same as I have been giving throughout the world today.
Pray, Pray, Pray and pray from the heart with total love for God from the heart. Prayer is the only way we can defeat Satan and all his evil works.
Prayer is the most powerful weapon you on earth have against Satan and the evil one. There is no known power on earth today that can destroy Satan and his evil ways. Because he is in the heart of every person and spreads hatred in their souls and this brings on wars all over the world today. The world today is in very bad and difficult times. If people cannot come to peace to end all wars, God will step in and bring peace to the world. But as in all wars, many of the good will die with the bad. Pray that this will not come.
The only way you can win these wars is through prayer and love and total conversion of the heart, and not with bombs and bullets. When man finds love in his heart for everything that God has created, then there will be peace.
Follow the true way of teaching that God and my beloved Son, Jesus, gave you. Do not follow ways and teaching of some people that are going around saying, "This is the way." That is Satan in disguise.
Teach others to love and serve God. Spread His love to all who will listen, and through the word of mouth and prayers. There are a lot of people today wanting to listen but they are hearing the wrong things. This is Satan and all his demons at work to undermine people's thoughts to total confusion.
Where there is confusion, that is the work of the devil. Where there is truth, there is love and peace. Judge for yourself which is from God, and which is from the devil.
If you do not receive the words the same way others do, pray to the Holy Spirit to help you understand as others with the truth.
Do what I have told you in all the messages I have given you over the century. First find love and peace and total conversion in your own heart. Live, show and teach others this and how to pray. People must show all our leaders that we want peace and peace with God, and what He stands for, and then, and only then, peace will come. Pray for our Pope, Bishop, Priests and lay people that they do not fall in the web of the evil one. Pray that my Bishops and Priests stay loyal to me and I will give them my blessings in abundance and those who are unfaithful to me will suffer much. Pray for them! Pray that they will bring us back to God in the true words, and to love Him with all their hearts and not be in love with ourselves, and put our pride and feelings first.
Go in peace and love God!

May 13, 1993 - Private Message
At the Shrine
You have shown me your deep love and obedience by doing what I have instructed you to do.

You have obeyed me by coming here each month, and keeping it a secret and close to your heart. You have told only a few and that is good. You have instructed them in what I have said so that they too can go out and preach the word of God and His love for them. I will bless you and them also today. Tell them not to be afraid. I will be with them also.
I will continue to teach in what I wish you to do. You have, already, without you knowing it, brought many souls back to God in what you do each day. The cross given to you, you carry with love and praise for my Son. You are willing to suffer for my Son Jesus and for the sins of the world. That is why you were given the teaching. Col. 1, 24:29.
As time goes on, I will be at your side and with the Holy Spirit will lead you to do the work of my Son, Jesus.
Tell your friends I love them, and to keep praying the rosary with the people in their community. Stay with people that know you. Be patient with them. It will not be easy, but keep showing them your love. They must be willing to sacrifice for others.
Go in peace and love God!
Question by Ray to Our Lady:
I asked. "Little Lady, I know who you are, why did you show me five different apparitions of you?" for the benefit of those who ask.
Our Lady's Answer:
"To show you that I am the same person in all the apparitions over the centuries. I am the Immaculate Conception ever Virgin, and Mother of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ, and Mediator between Heaven and Earth."

June 13 1993 (written on July 19, 1993)
From Ray: On this day at the Grotto it was totally different again. This date today is July 19, and up until now I haven't written anything about this apparition. I went through a lot of pain and suffering. I know what is taking place in Medjugorje is meant to be. It is a warning from Heaven what can happen when there is hatred and sin. The devil loves this! What is taking place in Medjugorje and surrounding area is love for God, Jesus and the Blessed Mother and on the other end of Yugoslavia is hatred and sin and how the evil one works in society. He undermines people's thoughts to distrust, disbelief, and hatred which causes sin. This small country, no bigger than the state of Illinois, is totally destroying itself within its own country. They are not at war with any other country. If they were, it would make more sense. The war is between the good and the bad, God and the devil. This is a warning and a sign to other countries what hatred can do. There will be nothing left when this war is all over. There may be only one person out of 100 left standing, and to what? It is written in the Bible that whole nations will fall to damnation and destruction and Our Lady warns us time and time again, over the centuries, if we do not change our lives and turn to God and Jesus out of love and total conversion and prayer, there will be great disasters all over the world. The great chastisement has already started and the only way we as people can ease or try to stop it is through prayer and total conversion of ourselves and that means everyone, not just a few! I know what Our Lady meant when She said, "Some will suffer greatly. Hell is the total absence of God and love. We say, what is so great in that? Think about being in a very dark place where this is nothing. No one! No one to talk to, share thoughts, and to show love. Without God there is nothing left."

We think that the fire of hell is a flame. Well, in some ways it is. The flame of fire as we know it will burn the body's flesh and kill it, but not the soul or the spirit. The flames of hell burn at the soul, and it cannot kill the soul, but is a burning far beyond we as mortal can imagine, and this burning will last for all eternity. I wish I could put this into better words and describe it better, but something stops me from saying more.
Each time I try to talk about what took place on June 13 or write about the suffering and the pain I experienced, something stops me. I get to a point and my thoughts stop.
I don't know what this sounds like to someone else reading this. Maybe it doesn't make any sense to them. I don't know if I could believe it either if someone told me this, but I know in my heart that all of this took place.
I had four friends with me on this date. I remember praying the rosary with my friends, but I also remember the suffering and pain I was in. I called out several times, "Father, Father!" and my friends heard me. All I can say about this is Jesus was having me experience the pain of sin (my sins). Just think about the sins of one person and the pain it causes, and then think about the sins of the world since the beginning of time, and that is what Jesus suffered for us and is still suffering. (What pain!)

July 13, 1993
At the Shrine
On this apparition, Our Lady was dressed in white again as She is in most of the apparitions.

I had four friends with me on this date. We all prayed the rosary together - the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries.
As on June 13, She came as we were on or about the fourth mystery of the Joyful rosary. It was very hot on this day, and as She came, as always, a cool breeze came with Her.
I was not really sure she was present until we or my friend Becky started the second rosary. Becky went to the third mystery of the Glorious mysteries, then caught herself and changed it to the Sorrowful. With this, Our Lady smiled.
Our Lady asked me why I was still coming here to pray even after the fourth apparition was over. I answered Her, "Little Lady, to show you my obedience and love for God, Jesus and You, Little Lady, and to gain and learn more, the blessing and the knowledge from you, Dear Mother, so to pass it on to others so they can also pass it on to others. I will keep coming here until October 13 or longer."
I asked what She meant when She said, "Priests unfaithful would suffer much," and how would they suffer?
She said, "They will understand some of what Hell is like by being totally absent from God. They will learn as a Priest the burning in their soul not to be able to say Mass again. Some were saying Mass 30-40 years, and now having that taken away, they will have a great burning desire to say Mass again. Pray for them!"
She said, "We are in a great troubled time now. Do you think that the earthquake in Japan, the great floods we are having now and intense drought and heat in the eastern and southern states in the U.S. are just a happening? These are signs from Heaven to change our ways here on earth, and the only way is total conversion of heart to God and through prayer; prayer is the only answer."
From Ray: The flooding in the middle states of the U.S. is the most costly happening in this country. No natural disaster has done this much damage and all the wars of the century will not cost as much as the flooding or destroy as much.

We were in the third rosary of the Glorious mysteries, about the first or second mystery, and I asked Our Lady to give me a sign to confirm all that is happening. There was a cool breeze, and then She said, "Your rosary will end as it did on June 13." Just as our rosary ended, the two o'clock Angelus bell started to ring. THIS IS HOW IT ENDED ON JUNE 13th!
The apparitions have changed from the first four. It is more personal now to me, and She is not with us as long in prayers as She was. She is with us about 30 minutes. Maybe this will change in the others, because I told Our Lady I would keep coming until October 13, which is the Feast of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, and even longer. I am taking one month at a time, and I don't know if She will be there with us or not.
As of this date, July 13, I have not written down anything about the June 13 apparition. I am still trying to sort out my feelings as to what took place at that time.
Go in peace and love God!

July 22, 1993
Locution at Home*
Over the past two years there is a question about the war in Yugoslavia. Why would war come to the village of peace and the village of Our Lady, Queen of Peace?

Satan said he would give back to God the whole world if God would just give him Medjugorje. Why?
The world is on the verge of witnessing Our Lady's triumph over the devil, and people need to know it. Our Blessed Lady said, "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph over all," and man must be made aware of it.
Why hasn't the war come to the town of Medjugorje? Nothing there has been destroyed by the war or no deaths, and yet the war is just a few miles away. Is it because Satan is afraid to take on Our Lady in a head to head fight? Yes. He knows he will lose.
I have talked to several people who have been to Medjugorje, and they say unless you have been there to see, you will not understand or believe.
Jesus said, "Happy are those who have seen and believe, but happier are those who have not seen and believe."
Our Medjugorje is here, or wherever you are. God, Jesus and Our Blessed Mother are everywhere. Pray, Pray, Pray. Look how Our Lady is appearing all over the world today and telling us to come back to God. She is warning us if we don't change our lives, what will take place.
*The Locutions Ray receives consist of him hearing Our Lady's voice without seeing her physically.

July 23, 1993
Locution at Home
God wants us to be a world society where we as man put Him (God) first. We should spend as much time with God in prayer as we do with material goods. They keep man working for them the whole day, and thereby keeping man away by complete absorption in useless material things. Man has let material goods enslave him. Man is in a desperate situation and on an inescapable path of destruction without divine intervention from God.

Man must learn to love everything that God has created in this world and motivate himself to a radical and abrupt change in direction of his life to reconcile with God and live in harmony with His will to teach others. Put God first and live in a more simple life of prayer and fasting.
Our Lady tells us to fast. Why fasting? By fasting from food and drink we cut off nourishment to our faults. These faults are like "weeds" over our soul, choking it and making it difficult to receive the necessary graces for it to survive. Fasting destroys these weeds and puts our soul in charge of the flesh and thereby leading itself to a glorified body to Heaven. If we let the flesh in charge, it will lead us and the soul to hell. Fasting conquers the flesh and puts the soul, which is God, in charge and gives it kinship over the body and leads us to God and Heaven.

July 25, 1993
Locution at Home
We ask Our Lady for response to our petitions and Our Lady answers us, "Pray, pray, pray," and this is our answer. She wants us to live out her words. Sometimes people ask me to pray for them to Our Lady. She knows all about us even before we ask.

What Our Lady said about the Eucharist, "You should receive Holy Communion with an open and pure heart with purity of heart and with openness.
"You do not celebrate the Eucharist as you should. If you would know what grace and what gifts you receive, you would prepare yourselves for it each day for an hour at least. "Pray, Pray, Pray." It's necessary to believe firmly to go to confession regularly and likewise to receive Holy Communion. It is the only salvation.
Go in peace and love God!

July 31, 1993
Locution at Home
St. Paul, after being knocked off his horse and converted to Jesus, didn't go immediately out to preach, but went out into prayer and formation for eight years or more. Our Lady has been appearing in Medjugorje since March 7, 1984, giving messages to the world and telling us of her plan for the world. Our Lady's plans are now being carried out. All her messages she gives us are now being fully understood by man. She told us what is about to take place. She allowed the world necessary spiritual formation time to hear and understand all Her words so we all had time to convert ourselves to God.

The more I read Her messages, the more I understand why she told me to keep it a secret until the time was right. In the transfiguration (Matt, 17) He (Jesus) told His disciples against telling others until after He had risen from the dead. Jesus said many times after healing someone not to tell anyone. Silence and time gives clarity and gives one understanding that it was God's grace and not my merits that all I have witnessed and seen is true and from God.
How could we expect others to understand our words and how to live Our Lady's words if we didn't understand ourselves what she meant.
Eventually St. Paul realized that he was being called out of seclusion and to go out and preach the word of God.
Some people say if only we had a daily commentary that they would understand all this better. Well, we do have and have had it for over 2,000 years - the Holy Bible! God's words and in the past ten years Our Lady has been giving us the commentaries almost every day, but only a few hear or listen to what she said.
All we have to do is give God equal time and read and listen to Our Lady's words. Man's problems would start correcting themselves. It must start with me first, then my wife, my family, my friends, my church, and my community - and then the world!
This is what Our Lady means when she talks about Her plans.
Matt 17:9

August 13, 1993
At the Shrine
Behold I have told you great trials shall befall mankind, and many of these catastrophes have occurred.

They are allowed by God to awaken you from slumber of your soul. For I solemnly assure you God's justice shall destroy all of your material world which has become your God. You let material things enslave you and you worship them as false idols.
The great battle rages, but you refuse to see or recognize it. Therefore, I solemnly tell you again, pray, pray, pray! Be of great faith!
I call upon my beloved priest-sons to examine their anointing and to wear their clerical collars and garb. Be true shepherds to those who wish to follow me. Too many of my priest-sons have become wolves, leading the innocent to slaughter and increasing Satan's power of confusion and dissent. They have forsaken their holy calling and want humanistic satisfaction and pride. They are no longer humble and obedient, but rebellious sons that offend God. Pray for them!
Pray, fast, and be obedient to Pope John Paul II, whose voice shall soon be silenced by apostasy and schism.
I tell you all these things out of love for you dear children - for I am the new ark, the woman clothed in the sun. Be strong, love God, and fear nothing, for I am with you always, for in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph over all!
Go in peace and love God!
Rev. 12:1

September 13, 1993
At the Shrine
You have heard me call you my children. I am the Mother of all.

Pray, and only prayer will give you great faith and lead you to my Son's Sacred Heart.
I am the messenger from Heaven and have been sent into the world by God, just as my Son (Jesus), the new ark Covenant between God and man.
Pray, Pray, Pray, and this will help you to understand all my messages that I am giving all over the world. Remember that Satan is out to deceive you in every way he can.
A great battle is taking place between my Son and the evil one, and only through prayer will you be able to see and judge for yourselves which is from God (the Light) or from Satan (the darkness). Pray that your religious leaders will turn their hearts of stone into more loving ways like the Pope. Let him be the example to all nation's leaders and to understand what is taking place in the world today. Pray that all people of the world will hear my messages and be heard by all our church leaders to change their direction in the way they are heading and go back to the teachings of my Beloved Son, Jesus. Satan is in our churches, temples, and synagogues, causing great confusion and distrust among them.
So many of our leaders start in good faith, then change their hearts and direction and go out on their own as Lone Wolves. This is wrong.
My Children, I tell you to pray for them so my plans (which are my Son's) will be fulfilled and then Satan will be defeated and peace will come to the world. Just as in all good families, there is one Father and Mother, and you will all be Children of this family in Heaven. Decide for God!
Go in Peace and Love God!

October 7, 1993 - Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
At the Shrine
Dear children, you cannot imagine the graces that God has given you.

Rededicate your obligation of love and peace. Renew your baptismal vows and bless yourselves often with holy water, and use holy water when praying with the sick. Bless them with it.
I have come because there are many true believers here. I wish to be with you to convert and reconcile the world to pray and fast, and to prepare for monthly observance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation with God and yourselves. Pray every day!
Pray the prayer I have given you (the rosary). Pray with your family and your church family, and be united as one. In this way, Satan cannot lead you astray. Build a foundation of love, faith, and prayer in your church.
Why did I pick this place to give you, my children, messages from Heaven? I did so because this is a National Shrine, honoring me and my name.
I have chosen and consecrated this place with special graces that my name be here forever. My eyes and my heart also shall be here always.
Remember, thousands upon thousands are praying with you from every section of our land. I will give you guidance as Queen of the Land.
There are many blessings, love, peace, and beauty here. This is one of my favorite places in America. The Grotto is a replica of another favorite place where I have appeared to humble Bernadette of Lourdes, France. Many prayers were said here in my name. That is why I came to this place, and keep the memory of the Immaculate Mother of God in your hearts.
To you, my humble servant of God, have received my words and kept it a secret and done what I have told you to do. The seeds you have planted will flourish into a great harvest.
For this you will be blessed with many blessings - maybe not in this life but in the next.
You have always praised God, my Son Jesus, and me, in your work and words and in evangelizing to others.
I will be with you always, and always remember that in the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph over all!
Go in peace and love God!

October 10, 1993
Locution at Home
Hear my call dear children!

With love, all things are possible, and without it, you cannot share your accounts of your experience to others. You cannot be lukewarm with it, and only that way will you be completely mine, and I shall be able to help you. Surrender this love to God.
Decide that love prevails in all of you, but not human love, but God's Love! Receive divine love only in proportion when you understand that on the cross, God offers you His immense love in the passion of my Son, JESUS.

Go in peace and love God!

October 11, 1993
Locution at Home
Our Lady has plainly said, "She wishes to conquer the world and bring about a Kingdom." This sounds like warfare. The battle for this fighting is conversion of ourselves, our Nation, and the world. When we see our struggles within ourselves and around us, then we begin this path toward a real battle of goodness. A true victory, because only love is capable of dealing with a society gone so far astray.

Unless we are willing to radically change our lives, an eternity of prayer will do nothing.
She wishes to engrave our hearts in the sign of love and peace for all mankind, "THE KINGDOM OF LOVE."
Julena asked why Our Lady is so beautiful.
"I am beautiful because I love. If you want to be beautiful, love! There is no one in the world who does not desire beauty.
Go in peace and love God!

October 13, 1993
At the Shrine
Today I give to you words from the messages I have given to the world over the century. Listen to them, learn from them, and live them with love in your hearts and love for my Son and your Father in Heaven.

I will be here on earth for only a short time more directing and leading you from sin, and to show you dear children the glory of God, your father, and to be with Him, and to live with Him in Heaven for all eternity. Decide for God!
I tell you all these things because I am the Mother of all and out of love for you, dear children.
If only you, dear children, could know how much your Father loves you and the compassion He has for you, you would never again sin against Him. What He has prepared for you in Heaven is far beyond what your mortal minds can even imagine!
Remember whatever seed you sow, you will reap, whether it be good in love or bad in sin and evil. You are the sower and the reaper. You control your own future and your own destiny.
Do not let Satan in your hearts. He will destroy your body and your soul. Satan will deceive you and lead you the wrong way, but he cannot if you do not permit him.
I tell you once again, do not let material things enslave you or worship them as false idols.
Pray for your Pope, for he will be your Pope for a short time more.
Pray for all your church leaders; they, too, need all our prayers to help them free from Satan's deceiving ways.
Show and give them your love! They need to hear and know this! I beseech you, surrender to the Lord your entire past and all the evil that has accumulated in your heart. I want you to be happy - I tell you, if you do not embarrass sin, it will embarrass you!
Without prayer, you cannot comprehend all that God is planning through each one of you. Therefore, pray and I call you to consciously decide for God, against Satan. Experience in your heart that peace, love and graces which only God can give. I bless you all today!
Matt 13:18-23

October 13, 1993 - Youth
At the Shrine
I beseech you by your own testimony to help those who do not know how to live in holiness, especially the situation of the youth who are in very difficult times. Pay special attention to the fact that Satan is at work in his deceiving ways within the young. Exchange your experiences and help them to solve all their problems. The youth today see adults using drugs, drunkenness, shootings, swearing, not going to church, cheating at their jobs, and taking of the life of a child in the mother's womb, through abortion. This is plain murder!! Just as if you take a weapon and take the life of your small child, there is no difference. Many think abortion is all right. God is the only one who can create life and take life. When people try to play God, they are in serious trouble. How else can the youth be any different if adults live in great sin. Adults have to be good examples to lead the youth to see and love God, in your family, churches, school, work, and in everyday life.

This is Satan at his work deceiving everyone away from God. Do not turn away from the children! Children will always imitate their parents; therefore, I solemnly tell you, parents, give your children a good example to imitate.
Nation Lord, who are we as people having been given blessings in proportion as no other nation before us.

I ask you to beg and plead for forgiveness through repentance from your heart. Realize that your nation is headed toward disaster by so many signs you have been given.
God deals with nations which have no spirit. When a nation does wrong as a nation, it cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world. They must be in this world through inevitable chain of causes and effects. Providence punishes the national sins by national calamities. Look what is taking place in Yugoslavia for not heeding my call.
The west has made civilization progress, but without God, as if they were their own creator. This is wrong. Look at Russia.
For a Christian, there is only one attitude toward the future. It is hope for salvation.
If you think of evil, punishment, wars you are on the road to meeting them. Your responsibility is to accept divine love and peace. Live it and spread it! Prayer is the medicine that heals.
Through prayer, many catastrophes can be diverted. The great chastisement has already begun. Prayer is the only way to ease these happenings that will come if man doesn't learn to find God in his heart and soul.
Only by prayer and fasting can wars be stopped. There will be great conflict in this world, but in the end, the just will take over.
Go in peace and love God!
After the apparition, I turned around; there where about 50 people present. Our Lady's voice said, "Ray, let it be known to the world." Back on January 13, 1993, Our Lady told me to keep it a secret until the time was right.

November 13, 1993
At the Shrine
Dear Children, today I bless you and ask you again to be steadfast in your faith. I will continually intercede for each of you before God and my Divine Son.

Without prayer you will be deceived by Satan, who has the whole world in total confusion and chaos and is establishing his reign of false peace.
Satan is in our churches after our priests, sisters and lay people. They no longer live consecrated lives the way God intended them. They must be called back to a life of a eucharistic community and in adoration of God our Creator.
I beseech you to pray every day to St. Michael the Holy Archangel to fight the battle against the enemy of Satan and his demons of confusion and despair.
St. Michael is our protector and I solemnly tell you to have faith and trust, and love in Him. I ask you also to join prayer to the Holy Spirit who is the Sanctifier and fear nothing, for my Son's Sacred Heart will guide you.
When distraction or temptations follow you, turn always to prayer and convert your heart.
The signs given to you from God, you have not recognized. Disaster will increase. Events now are taking place that have put the entire world on the brink of war! (The false peace)
Satan's tool is the hammer of hatred.
Many trials will come before you. Be steadfast. Love, trust, and have faith in God! Hear my Motherly warning for total conversion of the heart. Come back and cling to my Divine Son's cross so He can pour out His mercy of Graces, healing and conversion upon you. Kneel before my Divine Son's crucified body and ask for forgiveness of your sins and those of the whole world, and beg pardon for those who do not understand the plans of God. Pray for them!

Nations will lead to an ever-widening ring of terror and disaster. War shall annihilate and topple many governments like sleeping giants if they do not come back to the flow of my Son's teachings.
Dear Children, pick up your cross willingly and follow my Divine Son's Sacred Heart. He is your Lord and Savior. Take refuge in His true Eucharistic presence for He is your God and will care for all my faithful ones.
Dear Children, I call you constantly. Return all your minds, worship, adoration and souls to my Divine Son in the most Blessed Sacrament. Know truly that it is His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in this most Blessed Sacrament, and recognize Jesus Christ as God and Savior, King of Kings. His Body was incarnated in my Immaculate womb at the moment of my fiat (let it be done) to God at the Annunciation.
His Blood is the real blood of His humanity and shed for all men and women on Calvary for all sins.
Many miracles shall be granted as a sign of His infinite divine love and mercy.
When I am no longer with you, many Eucharistic miracles will be given to recall men to the truth of this sacrament of love, sacrifice on Calvary.
These miracles will strengthen your weak faith. These signs will be given to all, and no nation will be spared.
This will be the true dogma and doctrine of the churches and is the Divine Revelation as revealed in sacred scripture.
I solemnly tell you, BE NOT AFRAID. DO NOT BE TOO ANXIOUS OR CURIOUS! Rather, be on constant watch, for you do not know what hour He comes.
Cry out daily to God in prayer and ask God to increase your faith, and seek unity of your mind, heart, and soul and help from the Holy Spirit.
I solemnly tell you to abandon yourselves today to God your Father!
Live my messages for they are gospel messages of My Divine Son (Jesus), and they are all Sacred Scripture from which all my messages come.
You will have peace and joy within your heart when you know your heavenly Father loves and cares for you and know that He has forgiven all your sins, just as you have forgiven others.
Thank you for responding to my voice and go in peace and love God!

November 25, 1993
Locution at Home
Dear Children, My message to you today:

We are coming upon a great feast celebration of the birth of my Son, Jesus.
For a few days, the world will be closer at peace with all mankind, more than any other time.
Man must learn to pray for this peace and keep this peace within themselves into the future.
This peace must first start in each one of you and then carried to your families, churches, all mankind and into everything you do.
Each one of you is a masterpiece of God's creation. You were made special and are precious to God. He works each day weaving strands of your life together to shape you into a good person and gives you unique and special gifts that separate you from one another, and you are to share these gifts.
There will always be pain and hurt. You cannot grow without it. Pain and suffering are a part of life, so be patient. God is too big to pick on people when in their weakness, they fall.
Always remember and do not forget that my divine Son is with you always. He is with you in His Love, the Eucharist, His Words, in other people, and listen to your own heart beating, that he is in you, allowing it to keep beating!
My Divine Son's Heart was opened on Calvary for all, and it continues to be open for all with great love and compassion in the Eucharist, the living Bread of Life, and this bread helps you each day against Satan and all his evil works.
Hear my Son's voice, "Harden not your hearts." Keep your heart open to Him and He will show you a whole new way to understand and to see the beauty of this world and the people in it. Learn to love everything that God has created for you. You will learn what real happiness is!
I solemnly tell you, pray, fast, and make constant sacrifice, and be obedient to my Beloved Son, and Pope John Paul II. PRAY FOR HIM. Pray for all bishops, priests and all clergy to keep them free from Satan.

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, and then the world can say: PEACE ON EARTH. GOOD WILL TO MEN!

December 10, 1993
Locution at Home
If we do what God wants and not what we want, peace settles in our lives and our families. The world will then know peace. We know our Savior was born in the midst of cold, in a stable, dreary by all standards by which the world measures, but warmed with the fire of Mary and Joseph's love. What else could be needed for the little Savior? He had everything that night because God, a good Father, saw to it. Jesus had the best. Nothing more could have been given. We think we give our children a lot when we give them things, education, pleasure, and gifts, but how little we give them by comparison to what Mary and Joseph gave and they had none of the things we give. Let this Christmas be different! Let Christmas be full of tears of repentance and sorrow so deep that nothing else will be left to fill it except joy! Give God your heart this Christmas and spend it in the only way it should be spent - in love - sacrificial love. Recommit yourself to your spouse, there by enveloping and giving love to your family this Christmas.

Go in peace and love God!

December 12, 1993
Locution at Home
Our Lady's Words:

"I wish to give you messages as it has never been in the history from the beginning of the world.
"For twelve long years and every day, Heaven is so desperate to reach us that it is speaking to us as never before in the history of the world." God "tells" me (Mary) what to convey in these messages to the world. God conveys through Mary a chilling, awakening message about herself. After these apparitions "I will not appear anymore on this earth!" Mary's words.
There are three (3) things that have never happened in Church History before:
1. Messages given by Our Lady as never before in history.
2. Apparitions from Our Lady on a daily basis for 12 years in Medjugorje and in 1700 other places all over the world that are known.
3. Our Lady has said these are her last apparitions on earth.
Listen to her messages and try to learn what she is telling us.
"I wish in a special way on Christmas Day to give mothers my own special Motherly Blessing and Jesus will bless the rest with his own blessing."
She pleads to the mothers so motherhood will heal the world and our children.
She pleads with the fathers to lead and give guidance and be a good example to the children as a family, of love and prayer, and to all married couples. Satan wishes to destroy family life, which is the backbone of our faith and of this world.
Go in peace and love God!

December 13, 1993
At the Shrine
Dear Children:

Today our Mother is happy! I rejoice in the way you come here to pray because you are on the road to the way of holiness and salvation. I beseech you to continue to glorify God and my Son in prayer. I will intercede before God so you can make peace with God and with yourself, because God's love prevails in all things that are good.
I want each of you to convert and accept the responsibility to spread my messages and love.
Rejoice with me and dedicate yourselves to God's love in the sacrament of reconciliation. Accept all hindrance, all annoyances, all hatred, all difficulties, jealousy, and accept everything with love.
I beseech you to surrender and forgive everyone. I will console your heart and soul as you reconcile with your Creator. In this way, you can conquer Satan's every satanic attack in which he desires to possess and destroy.
Help everyone to convert and live in grace and holiness especially your own family and communities. I want to wrap you all in my mantle and lead you to total conversion, salvation and consecrate the whole world to the glory of God, your Father and my beloved Son, Jesus.
This month, especially pray for the poor souls in purgatory. On Christmas Day, many souls are taken into Heaven.
Christmas is the birth of your Savior, the Prince of Peace! I am happy that you are here in prayer before the manger, glorifying my beloved Son, Jesus. I bless you all! Remember make this day a special moment in your life, for I am with you! Peace on earth, good will to men. Go in peace and love God!

January 13, 1994
At the Shrine
My Dear Children:

I am happy today in the way you have come here to pray, in unity and sacrifice you made to be here. Jesus' words, "Where there are two or more gathered in My name, there I will be also." My peacemakers, you must love everyone and not pit one segment of society against another, or you will not be worthy to be called the blessed children of God.
My Son Jesus tried to develop a deeper spiritual feeling in the heart of His flock, but also enjoyed His keen and quiet sense of humor and encouraged the laughter in the most serious talks on spirituality.
Do you think My Son Jesus ever laughed? He did. He was not on his knees all the time. He loved us all and also He showed compassion with tears, because He was a human being and enjoyed all things that His Father created in this world.
God's people should be happy with a good sense of humor. My children, where there is confusion, jealousy and dismay in your church, this is the evil one trying to destroy it. My children, be a leader of love and kindness, and a loyal servant to your Bishop and priest. Be a light for others to see and to follow. Pray for your priests that bring you the Body and Blood of My Son, Jesus, in the Eucharist.

I bless you all here today with God's love. Go in peace and love God!

February 11, 1994 - Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes
At the Shrine
Today my dear children, look at your heavenly mother who appeared on earth in the lovely Grotto of Massabielle at Lourdes.

You should have a firmer belief in the apparitions of me and the ones all over the world. Do not disbelieve, for I am with you always.
I come from Heaven to warn you as a good Mother, to follow a road of prayer and penance. Your soul needs to be healed, my dear sick children. The medicine you need is prayer and conversion through the sacrament of reconciliation. Go wash yourselves in the spring of living water that flows from the heart of my Son, Jesus. You need to be purified and cleansed of all your sins which Satan has tricked you into committing by his deceiving ways.
The water I tell you to use comes from a fountain to wash away all your sins. It is the holy water fountain. Go wash yourselves and be pure in mind and soul and be saved! Close you eyes as you do and receive the most pure light in your soul. This light is my beloved Son, Jesus. The love, my angel, will be supernatural and divine, and you will feel the feeling of supreme love that will make you pure in heart and body. Begin anew in the body of My Son, Jesus, and the stigmata of His passion, and the crucified body He gave for the sins of the whole world.
You will see rays of light that shine forth from my Immaculate Heart and will come right to your heart. This light is given to you by your Mother.
Once again, I leave Heaven and set out to be with you, my children, to pray together among you as we join in a cenacle for souls. I will protect you all, my children, under the protection of my mantle. This is happening all over the world today. I again will give you proof of this new continent (Country) as I lead you together to my Beloved Son, Jesus, and My Immaculate Heart, and feel the greatest peace and joy as you open up your hearts to your Father in Heaven.

Pray the holy Rosary daily. It is the prayer I hold so dear and which I came down from Heaven to pray with you, just as I did with my little daughter to whom I appeared in the Grotto of Massabielle, Lourdes, France. I tell you all these things out of love, my children, because as a loving Mother, I will protect you! I bless you all here today. Go in peace and love God!

It was one year of Our Lady appearing at the Shrine. She was dressed all in white with a rainbow around her head.

February 13, 1994
At the Shrine
Dear Children:

Today I wish to impress upon you the messages and the words I have been giving to you and the world over the past years. I beseech you to receive, hear, and learn what I have been telling you.
I have shown you signs that are supernatural, that can only be sent from Heaven. I have many of my dear children all over the world receiving messages from me, to pass them on to you, but you refused to heed them, or believe what my angels are telling you.
From the beginning of time, the Bible tells of many prophets who have proclaimed the Word of God, and many refused to hear these words and have suffered the consequences.
John came and proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. He was a voice crying out in the desert, and people then refused to hear him.
I come to tell you to make way and prepare the straight path for the Lord, just as John did.
I am the herald crying out to the second coming. This is why, as no other time in history, Heaven has opened up to its people to give messages and apparitions from me and signs from Heaven as never before.
I beseech with you to reconcile yourself with God in prayer, fasting and total conversion in peace and salvation. I am the new Covenant, the Herald, Mediatrix, the Lady clothed in the Sun, and the Mother of all, and to warn you and tell you to convert and return to My Beloved Son, Jesus, and your Heavenly Father.
In history, when the natural ways of man's life failed, then the supernatural ways, which are God's, take over. The world is in worse shape now than it was in the days of Noah and the great flood. There are more sins committed now against purity than in all of history, and, like in all wars and catastrophes, the good will perish with the bad. Only prayer can divert wars and can ease happenings that will take place if man does not return to the Father. There are many signs and happenings that you may not understand and many more to come. I solemnly tell you to remain and stay steadfast in your faith. The future may be painful, but prayer and sacraments and the Holy Mass will be your peace.
I beseech all my Bishops and Priests to return to my beloved Son, Jesus, believe and practice the teachings of the Bible, obey the first commandment of God, and be obedient to Pope John Paul II.
My children, stay loyal and be a faithful servant to your new bishop and your parish priest that serves you.
National leaders and leaders in all faiths have strayed away. They think their ways are right, but they are being guided by the evil one without them knowing it. (A false peace) The great chastisement and secret reign and plans of the anti-Christ have begun. Reject Satan! He cannot enter you unless you permit him. Walk in the divine faith and break the curse of the evil one through the blood of Jesus Christ that He shed on the cross on Calvary for you.
When you understand the true light of the faith, and walk in it, you will also understand the Word of God, through the Holy Spirit, and many things will be revealed to you that will only come from Heaven.
Pray to St. Michael the Archangel in his battle against Satan and all his evil ones that he may protect you.
I beseech you all to pray to the almighty God and ask the Holy Spirit, the sanctifier, to transform you and give you strength and courage and to speak the truth of My words and surrender your heart and soul to the divine mercy of Jesus who is with you always.
I solemnly tell you all these things out of love for you, my angels, for I will be with you only a short time more in apparitions, but I will continue giving you messages from My Beloved Son, Jesus, and God, your Father.
I will bless you all here today with and in love from your heavenly Mother.
Go in peace and love God!
Matt 3:1-6
Our Lady was dressed all in white. This was the first time I saw her with a crown of twelve stars and moon beneath her feet. She said, "I am the woman clothed with the sun."

Message for Lent - February 25, 1994
Locution on Vacation, Sikeston, Missouri
Today dear children, may your hearts be filled with joy and with peace, my children, as we are in the greatest season of our faith. As your Mother, the painful hour of My Son Jesus' passion, suffering and death, enters into the very depths of My Immaculate Heart.

Like a gentle lamb led to the slaughter, I watched Him climb Calvary with the Cross of all mankind to His death, only to rise again to overcome death in His imminent resurrection as He goes to meet in His glorified body and take His rightful seat at the right hand of His Heavenly Father in Heaven. Without this event being fulfilled, our faith would mean nothing. I beseech you to begin a new life of prayer, love, conversion and repentance of your soul.
Have confidence and hope in the risen Christ in the splendor of His Divinity that He will return to all and bring humanity to a new life of love, peace, and grace, and the church to its highest summit of sanctity and thus restore to the world a new reign of His glory.
Go in peace and love God!

March 13, 1994
At the Shrine
Today I am happy and rejoice in the way you, my dear children, come here in prayer. My heart is filled with joy the way my young angels are here in prayer! Youth must learn to return to God, or there can be no future.

RAY'S QUESTION: Little Lady, can you give us a sign to the people that you are here? My children, the sign I will leave will be given in a place for the world to see. Your sign is My presence! Look around you. I have come to the United States as a loving mother, my children. I have shed many tears over this country. No other country has been blessed and bestowed with so many blessings, and yet you refuse to know My beloved Son, Jesus, and your Heavenly Father. Pray, Pray, Pray so that this country, which is in great danger, will repent and convert and give up their dreadful ways of sin and return to its Creator. Read the Bible, the only true word of God. Learn to love each other the way My Son taught you. Without love in your heart, no prayer can be answered.

Go in peace and love God!

March 16, 1994
Locution at Home
Today I tell you, dear children, I gave the prayer, the Rosary, to the world to pray. You all are my children, and I am the Mother of all. Therefore, my children, I beseech all to learn to pray the rosary from the heart and meditate on the mysteries of the prayer. You will feel a feeling of peace and grace in your heart and you will know I am with you. It is a straight path that will lead you to my beloved Son, Jesus, and your Heavenly Father.

Keep God in your hearts more than one hour a week. Bring God in your life every day! Don't put Him off until you grow old, as you may not have this chance. Learn to love Him now, when you are young, so the future will become a better life for you.
I tell you once again, do not let material things enslave you to where you forget your Father in Heaven, because in the end, they will mean nothing! You can only take the love of God to Heaven with you.
My beloved Son, Jesus, was a human being just like you with the same wants and needs, but He freely chose to follow the plans and wishes of His Father and led all mankind out of sin by His Death and Resurrection.
I tell you, dear children, do the same and pick up your crosses and carry them with pride and without complaint. Go out and evangelize to others and bring them back to God! Find the joy there is in this, and then you will find the peace in your own hearts.
When you have kept the faith and love of God in your heart, nothing is impossible.
Pray of all the poor souls who have gone before you. They need our prayers just as much as when they were here with you.
Do not worry about all these things you hear, and that will come. Only the Father knows when that will happen. Repent and convert and be ready, for when this does happen, you will be in the grace of God.
Go in peace and love God!

March 18, 1994
Locution at Home
Beneath the Cross
Beloved children, remain with me beneath the cross. I am at the side of Jesus who is dying as I watch Him in His immense suffering.

Abandoned by All Here beneath the cross I stand, and NONE of His friends or disciples are here or none of those who Jesus helped in so many ways are present beneath the cross.

I, His mother, looked around for someone to offer Him support, compassion, and appease Him in His painful thirst for someone He loved. I sought consolers, but found none, only the women who loved Him. Here, beneath the cross, is that crowd who just a few days ago, praised Him in His triumph entry into Jerusalem and sang Hosannas in the highest and the people he fed with His bread.
The only group here is the poor people blinded by hate and bitterness. They laughed at Him, rejected Him, and blasphemed Him. My Son's heart was in great abandonment and then the Roman soldier's lance pierced His Sacred Heart.
Here, beneath the cross, all twelve of his beloved apostles abandoned and betrayed Him. One took his own life, one denied Him three times, and the others scattered in great fear.
Jesus Gives John to His Mother. One of the least stayed with me, Little John. He gave me support as I gazed at my Son Jesus dying. Just before my Son died, His eyes fixed intently upon the two of us, and in His Infinite love, He said, "Woman, behold thy Son!" "Son, behold your Mother."

Beneath the cross where my Son just died, I pressed to my Immaculate Heart my new child, who had just been born to me in such great pain.
And so, with John, my new son, stayed all of you beneath the cross of Jesus close to your Sorrowful Mother, that the father's plan might be fulfilled.
A Mother Helps He Son Die I, as a mother, must help her Son to die. No one will ever understand the hidden mystery of this moment.

When Jesus came to me in the light of His glorified body, He received me in His divine arms, and I bent down to kiss the wounds of my great sorrows. I understand that my mission on His behalf has been accomplished. With Jesus, because of His death, there you too may rejoice in the glory of His kingdom of life in Heaven!
Go in peace and love God!

March 20, 1994
Locution at Home
MY HOLY ROSARY - My dear children, many times you have prayed the rosary and said "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death."

I am the Mother of all, and I hear all prayers, and I am especially close to you in and at the hour of your death. As a loving Mother, I take you in my arms and you will see me in my glorified body as I take you before my beloved Son, Jesus, for your judgment.
Because you have prayed the prayer I gave you and praised my Son, Jesus, in this prayer, I will wipe away the remaining stains of sins you have on your soul, so it is possible for you to enter into eternal life in Paradise. Oh, what great joy there is in my Immaculate Heart, as a loving Mother, to receive your soul and be with you, my Son, and your Heavenly Father in Heaven.
Today I beseech you to consecrate yourself to my Immaculate Heart in this life, so I am close to you at the hour of your death.
This is one of my promises I gave to the world - that you will not be alone at the hour of your death, by praying the rosary faithfully.
Go in peace and love God!

March 21, 1994
Locution at Home
THE POWER OF MY ROSARY - The rosary is my prayer, which I came down from Heaven and gave you, my children.

I was sent by the Lord as the Mother of all and the Queen of Angels.
I am the Woman clothed in the Sun, and my mission is the conquering of Satan, and to crush the head of the serpent who has come between God and man.
The many rosaries you have prayed is my weapon I will use to defeat Satan and all his evil doers, my humble children.
The rosary will be the chain I will use to bind the dragon and with the key of the abyss that my Son, Jesus, alone possesses, I will shut the door on Satan and all his army of evildoers in prison forever.
This is why I ask you, my children, to multiply everywhere, prayer groups and join in cenacles of prayer so that this chain will be made stronger by all your prayers, so that it will bind and contain Satan and his great army of evil spirits and cast into the pool of fire and sulphur. The door will be shut with a key of the Power of Christ, and they will no longer be able to roam the world to harm souls forever. Thus this will make way a straight path for the Lord.
Go in peace and love God!

April 13, 1994
At the Shrine
Today, my dear children, I rejoice and my heart is filled with happiness the way you are gathering here in great numbers. You come from all over to spend one or two hours in a cenacle of prayer with me. In this time together with me in prayer, love must increase in each one of you so that you may receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, and you will be purified and renewed.

The rosary is the time you talk to me; I speak softly, as a mother to her child. Listen for my voice! Seek the Father's voice also! Call out to Him in prayer! Yearn to hear His voice! Do not be afraid! My son, Jesus, said, "My sheep hear My voice, and they follow me. I know them, and they know me."
I have manifested myself here in this shrine. I want my children to come here often to pray for all things I have told you to pray for. Pray for the Holy Father, the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests, and all religious leaders, and all National leaders, so they can lead us to peace and with the love He gave His people. There are grave and painful times coming for them! There is only one path we must follow to be with God, your Father. This is prayer, conversion, and reconciliation of your heart and soul! There are many false prophets who are betraying the gospel of the Lord and bring about great confusion in the most faithful children of my church.

Learn to know my voice which speaks the truth. The Tower of Babel described in the Bible is now being repeated with the same confusion of words and tongues. Have recourse to me, for I will be your salvation. Say this prayer with the rosary: "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee." Do not look for great signs. There is only one sign which God gives to the world at this time, I myself. I've told you who I am, and it is written in the Bible, "I am the Woman Clothed in the Sun." I soon will do battle with the evil one, and my armor, my shield, and sword will be the many rosaries and prayers, and with them, I will defeat Satan! In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph over all!! Some will see, and some will not. The ones that see need to see because it is bringing them back to God, and the ones who do not see are already in God's Graces. The ones that see will tell others about it, and this is the sign that will bring many people back to God!

"Happy are they who have seen and believe, but happier are they who have not seen and believe." What was foretold in Lourdes has been fulfilled. What was told in Fatima is now being fulfilled, and what is being told in Medjugorje and all the apparitions of me all over the world is a warning to the world that man must return to God! I tell you all these things out of love as a loving mother of all, for time is running out! I beseech you to spend hours of Vigil with My son, Jesus, in prayer and adoration. Remember this day, for I am with you and you are with me. I have given all your petitions to my Son, Jesus, and placed them in His hands as a loving mother.

Go in peace and love God
Rev. 12:1

April 22, 1994
Locution at Home
I tell you my children, all the world is moving into the position for the Rapture. This rise of one world government, the E.C. (European Community), the dictatorship of the anti-Christ, the great tribulations, Armageddon, and the second coming of Christ.

All these signs will give cause for worry, but listen to My words. To the believer, it will be the time of rejoicing if you are in God's graces. This is why I am with you, to prepare you for all this, as a loving Mother.
When a mother sees her children in great danger, she takes them up in her arms, and takes them to a safe place. This is why I am present with you, so I can lead you all in the grace and glory of God, and to my Son, Jesus' Sacred Heart, and place you under the protection of My mantle as a loving Mother.
The Bible, which is the true word of God, tells us this through out all its history. In Isaiah, the book of Daniel, Revelations and in St. Paul's letter, 2-Thesalonians, chaps. 2 and 3, about the terrible loss of faith, schisms, and the apostasy which is in everyone, and about the great chastisement, catastrophes, famine earthquakes, and floods. All this must come to pass so as to reveal the lawless one, who is the power of Satan. For unless the apostasy comes first and the lawless one is revealed, who exalts himself above God and all objects of worship, and seats himself in the temple of God, claiming to be God, for he is the one who lies! The Lord Jesus will them kill him with His breath. This must all take place so the manifestation of the coming of the Lord will take place. The anti-Christ will be defeated and this will bring about the second coming of Christ.
Do not listen to those who say this year, this month, and day. I tell you this. No one knows, only the Father knows the hour this will take place! I tell you this again and again, "Come back to God through prayer, penance, conversion and reconciliation of your heart and soul." Then you will be in God's graces and will have nothing to fear. My angels, you must realize, that my words and messages of salvation through my Son, Jesus Christ, must reach all who are lost. This I ask you My Angels, to go out and evangelize to others. The Gospel must be preached, lived, and kept to the letter. Many are going out on their own, and changing the word of God. This is wrong! You must be of one flock, one shepherd, and there can be no changes! I give you these words. You honor and love your mother and father and would defend them from whoever attacked them, even unto your death, and so it is with My Son, Jesus.
Whoever attacks Me for my namesake and blasphemies me, also attacks Jesus, for He will protect His Mother, just as you would protect your mother. The Lord has sent Me into this world for my mission to save many souls and to defeat Satan and those who attack me for this, also attack God, your Father, and Jesus. I tell you to be prepared for what punishment there will be in this.
There are many things I would like to tell you as a loving mother, but the time is not right, and many signs, my little children, you cannot bear. Therefore, I beseech you to strengthen your faith with prayer and sacrifices, so when this time comes, you will be in God's graces.
Each time I ask you to come forth and proclaim my name and words, I will give a sign to you that will test the spirit from whence it comes.
Go in peace and love God!
Matt. 24:36

May 13, 1994
At the Shrine
Dear Children, I am happy the way you, my children, are coming here in great numbers to pray.

Today is a special day, for it was 77 years ago I came down from Heaven to the Cova da Iria on the 13th of May at Fatima, 1917.
I want you to remember this day for you are all in prayer with me, your Heavenly Mother. You are the lasting fruits of my many apparitions of me to this world, and I love you with a love far more than you can ever realize. You are the souls of my presence and purifications of my messages, and with great faith and courage, the witnesses of the true words of God.
I foretold in Fatima, the times you are living in today. I predicted the wars, the persecution of the Church, the great apostasy against the Holy Father, the spread of atheism, and the rebellion against God's laws. This is Satan and all his evil doers undermining my children away from God.
My dear children, I ask you to be a strong person of Faith, Love, Hope and Humility. Be a sign for others who knew you before, but now see a different person in you. Spread prayer groups everywhere among my children. Pray the Rosary and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy to Jesus. You must decide for God! Then and only then will I be your salvation and your sure liberation from all evil.
The greatest chastisement, wars, earthquakes, and floods can be put off by the many prayers you pray, and the ever increasing number of my children in prayer.
My children, you have lived through the torrent years of hatred, wars, violence and sin, the cancer that will wreck the future of our children, and this world. If you want your children to have a future, as parents, you must decide for God and pray as never before.
You have witnessed the great catastrophes, floods, earthquakes and how my children have come together and worked side by side to help each other. This is what I am asking of you today, to come together in prayer, no matter what race or faith you are.
You must all learn to pray together as one, side by side!
The power of Satan is very strong, but with the many prayers he will be defeated, and my Immaculate Heart will triumph over all!
Then the light of my Beloved Son, Jesus, will shine a glorious reign over the whole world with love and peace!
I have presented all your petitions to God and Jesus, and placed them in my Son, Jesus' hands as a loving Mother, and then whatever He wills, His will be done.

June 13, 1994
At the Shrine
Mary Appeared Dressed in Blue Today, my dear children, I announce to you, your liberation is near. (See footnote)

Tell the people to look to others and see what is taking place in them. Rejoice in the way they come here in prayer and share what they experience! Let this be their sign they keep asking for. This alone should give them the faith to believe that I am here with them!
If their faith is this weak, then they will turn away when the times get hard. Look to your Savior for strength and guidance! When a person only looks for their own self esteem and pride and what I will do for them, they cannot see the signs I do give that are happening all around them. They should rejoice when the lost sheep is returned to the flock.
When you see any of my sheep of my flock fall into the sinful pit of evil, pray for them! Do not take it on your own to set what is wrong or right, for my ways of evaluating are far different than yours, but pray for them. Let me help - TRUST ME! If only man would listen to my messages and what I am telling them and understand all about the tears I shed for them, they would never again sin against the Heavenly Father.
Prayer is the only tool or weapon that will return man, who has gone so far astray, back to God. You can only see man from the outside, but God sees man, both from the outside and the inside and can see deep into his soul and heart.
If you see one of my church's favorite sons stumble and fall, pray for him!! Show him your kindness and love. Do not turn your back on him, but HELP him; care for him just as you would a wounded soldier, for Satan has attacked him. He (my favorite sons) is the only one that can bring you the Body and Blood of Christ in the Eucharist. This is Satan at his best work, to undermine my favorite sons.
Do you understand that Satan will never succeed in leading you astray or in deceiving you if you do not permit him. Always keep your Heavenly Father in your hearts and remain humble and small.
My son, Jesus' words, "I have other sheep who do not belong to this fold, and I must lead them too. Then there shall be ONE FLOCK, ONE SHEPHERD! I lay down my life freely for all. COME FOLLOW ME FOR I WILL GIVE YOU REST, PEACE AND SERENITY OF HEART AND SOUL. FEED MY LAMBS, FEED MY SHEEP! My children, you come here in prayer at this Shrine which I love, before the image of me, your Heavenly Mother, and the special blessing is the gift I give you, my children, but the most important, beautiful gift is yet to come from My Son. It will be an amazement even to the angels of God and joy to all the saints in heaven.

Pray for all our church leaders and all our national leaders so they will be led and guided by Jesus to world peace.
TRUST ME, HAVE PATIENCE, AND ABOVE ALL - HAVE FAITH! Once again, I have taken your petitions and offered them up to God and placed them in My Son, Jesus', hands as a loving Mother. Whatever He wills will be done!

Go in peace and love God!
Footnote from Ray: This is my opinion of how I received the message of the word "liberation" from our Lady. Liberation means freedom from bondage. Our Lady is speaking to each one of us because when we have received God totally in our hearts, we are free from bondage of Satan. We are to go out and evangelize to others with this message.

July 13, 1994
At the Shrine
Today, dear children, My heart is filled with happiness the way you are here in great numbers in prayer.

The love of God and the Holy Spirit will come like the wind. You will see how the clouds and the leaves of a tree move. You will feel and hear the rush of it, but you cannot see it.
This is how my triumph will come with the divine plans of God. Be prepared like the wise virgins (Matt. 25:1-13) and be in God's graces, and you will have nothing to fear, for I will protect you.
My angels, you are living in the time and generation my Son spoke of on His way to Calvary (Luke 23:28), "Woman, do not weep for Me, but for your children, who come after Me."
This generation has let themselves fall into the sinful pit of darkness (who is Satan). You must decide for God, by your own consecration to My Immaculate Heart, and with the graces and power which the Holy Spirit bestows upon you to be saved! I beseech you to pray, pray, pray. Be united with each other with your whole heart and soul. Be joined together so that the divine love of My Son, Jesus, will fill all your hearts and glorify your soul. Just as Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus to carry His cross for all mankind, so it is with each one of you. You must be willing to help Jesus by carrying your own cross in everyday life and in the suffering you do (Luke:23-26). There will always be pain and suffering in this world, you cannot live without it! Go out and evangelize to others. Do not be surprised that you fail to touch everyone's heart with prayer and My rosary. You are planting seeds in ground that has not had any rain. God plans to renew the face of the earth. He will send down rain from Heaven with angelic salutation to all. This will bear much fruit for the soul that will last!

The kingdom of this world is of the flesh and you can be deceived by Satan if you allow it. The kingdom of God is of the soul and love that will last forever. Jesus' words, "My kingdom is not of this world" (John 18:36). I tell you to prepare yourself. You must decide for God. Learn to walk by faith and not by sight! My children, with the love of God embedded in your hearts, I will be able to walk with you along the path that will lead to my Son, Jesus, in Heaven.

God has always desired you to rest in His light for all eternity.
I thank you for responding to Me in prayer as I give you My special blessing today.
Go in peace and love God!
Once again, my loving children, I have taken your petitions and offered them up to God and placed them in My Son, Jesus' hands as a loving Mother. Whatever He wills, will be done!

August 13, 1994
At the Shrine
Today, my children, I bring you joy from the heart of my Son, Jesus. He rejoices in the way you are gathered in this great cenacle of prayer.

Remain faithful to Him and my Son will bestow the gifts of divine graces from Heaven upon you.
I have manifested myself here at this Shrine. I beseech you to leave your material world behind for a few hours each day and be with me in prayer, for I hear all prayers.
My eyes and my heart will always be here, and you will feel my presence and know that I am with you.
I beseech you to listen to my words and messages, and make the 13th of each month a day of prayer for all mankind and peace, for I am your Heavenly Mother, the Queen of Peace.
I desire you, my children, to spend more time in adoration with my Son, Jesus. He waits for you each day in the tabernacle to pray with Him and to receive special blessings for your salvation.
Pray for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, and for all your church leaders, all leaders of world governments and states, and the future of all humanity. Be obedient to your church. The Word of God has not changed. The Ten Commandments have not changed, and the Bible has not changed. The words of Jesus have not changed. Why do you ask questions when you already know the answer? Is it because you want a religion changed to your own way of thinking and your own lifestyle? This cannot be! YOU MUST DECIDE FOR GOD. The answer to all your questions are found in MY ROSARY. IT IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON YOU CAN CARRY IN THESE TIMES!

The greatest adversaries are PRIDE, JEALOUSY, HATRED, LIES, AND SLANDER. It is the seed of dissension and illusion. I forewarned you in Fatima of the great destruction of yourself if you do not pray and come back to God with an open heart. Pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit. BE PREPARED AGAINST THE EVIL ONE OF ALL MANKIND!
Make your own fiat with God! Say YES! And desire to be with HIM for all eternity! I ask you to pray for all sinners, the poor souls in Purgatory, for your own salvation, and for non-believers, for they will suffer the most. Pray to St. Michael the Archangel to protect you.
PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, because prayer is the perfect faith and Communion between your soul and God!

My triumph over Satan will be felt in each person and in the church, both internally and externally. This will restore the truth of my son Jesus' words of salvation and no place on earth will be left untouched by its justice and grace.
I ask you to take up your Rosary, offer it up for the youth of the world, and pray for them. THEY ARE THE SOULS OF THE CHURCH AND THE FUTURE OF THIS WORLD! I will be with you, my children, only a short time more in apparitions. BE ASSURED THAT I WILL REMAIN WITH YOU ALWAYS, FOR I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ORPHANS, AND THOSE WHO CONSECRATE THEIR HEART TO ME, I WILL PROTECT THEM UNDER MY MANTLE!

Thank you for responding to me in prayer.
Go in peace and love God!
I have taken all your petitions, presented them to God and placed them in my beloved Son Jesus' hands as a loving Mother and whatever he wills will be done. A PRAYER Our Heavenly Father, look down with favors upon us as we pray in this cenacle of prayer. Silver and gold we have none, but what we do have we will share with everyone, and that is the love we have for Jesus. We will share this love with everyone we meet in our lives to come. When Jesus walked here on earth, he said, "Where there are two or more gathered in My name, and whatever we ask of My Father in My name, shall be recorded in Heaven."

Father we ask you, in your kind and merciful heart, hear our prayer, our wants, our needs, our petitions, and heal us both physically and spiritually. Give us a safe trip home from here. We ask this in the name of Jesus, your Son.
We thank you for giving us Jesus, our Lord and Savior, and for the few hours you have brought Heaven close to us, in the presence of our Heavenly Mother.
Thank you God, and may God bless all of you here today!
Go in peace and love God!

September 13, 1994
At the Shrine
Today, my dear children, I desire you to pray my rosary every day in your home, at work, in your church, or here at this Shrine.

With my rosary, you will experience the power of prayer. Your enemies will be defeated and your petitions and prayers answered. You will see signs revealed to you that are supernatural. MANY MYSTERIES OF HEAVEN WILL BE SHOWN TO YOU. I will intercede and touch and give graces; to those hearts who are poor in spirit, suffering, ill, and to those with incurable disease, I promise to be with you in your hour of death. I will give you peace in your hearts, in your families, your homeland, and peace on earth.
Those who have consecrated their hearts to my Immaculate Heart,
I wish my light to descend upon you and give you strength and courage to speak the truth just as the apostles did with the words of God. 1
I invite and send you to go out from this great cenacle of prayer and evangelize to all who will listen. Multiply prayer and prayer groups EVERYWHERE! YOU HAVE NOT CHOSEN ME, I HAVE CHOSEN YOU. GO OUT AND BEAR FRUIT THAT WILL LAST. 2
You must show my beloved priest sons and all the church leaders how much you love my Son Jesus, and me, so they will preach my words against the great apostasy, schisms and materialism that are trying to take over my church.
The Pope is alone in carrying the cross of the Church up Calvary, just as your Saviour did in his painful hour of His passion for the sins of all mankind. PRAY FOR HIM. With your many prayers, obedience, penance and fasting, there will be hope from the many tribulations that have befallen my church and the world.

The Holy Spirit will fill your hearts and give you words of wisdom 3 and will lead you along the path to my Son Jesus' Sacred Heart; then He will claim His reign and His Kingdom and restore His new church and bring about the only true peace in this world that will last forever.
Dear Children,
My heart is saddened to tell you that I will not be with you after October 13 in apparitions for a time. I BESEECH YOU TO REMAIN LOYAL AND FAITHFUL TO MY SON JESUS AND ME. Your prayers are very much needed against the forces of evil in this world, for there are many who do not believe. PRAY FOR THEM!
Thank you for responding to me in prayer today.
I have taken all your petitions and presented them to God and placed them in my Son Jesus' hands as a loving Mother, and whatever He wills, will be done.
1 Matthew 5:11-12, Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you (falsely) because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in Heaven. Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
2 John 15:16, You have not chosen me. I have chosen you. Go out and bear fruit that will last.
3 Luke 21:15-19, For I myself shall give you wisdom in speaking, that all your adversaries will be powerless to resist or refute. You will even be handed over by parents, brothers, relatives and friends and they will put some of you to death. You will be hated by all because of my name, but not a hair on your head will be destroyed. By your perseverance you will secure your lives.

October 13, 1994
At the Shrine
Today, my dear children, the first message I gave to the world is as important as the messages you are receiving now. They are as alive today as in the past and are to be lived today and tomorrow, as yesterday, to the letter.

I am preparing you for the time when I will no longer be with you. I told you I will not leave you orphans, for the Holy Spirit will be with all of you who have consecrated their hearts to me.
In my absence I desire you to examine your soul and see how much you miss the love, blessing and guidance I give you as your Heavenly Mother. The burning desire you feel in your hearts will be the proof of the love you have for my Son Jesus and me. Pray as never before! There is much evil and hatred in this world. YOU MUST DECIDE FOR GOD! I come not to bring about the beginning of destruction, but only to give light to the world for the beginning of time of divine grace and the fulfillment of my promise. That is MY TRIUMPH OVER SATAN AND HIS DOERS! You will decide for yourself, either to be taken up under the protection of my mantle and in the grace of my Immaculate Heart or follow and be grasped up by Satan and his evil ways.

My children, I wait for the response of your hearts. Your hearts are joy and precious to me in my time to come. I have only one wish and that is to bring you to total sanctification of your hearts, souls and holiness. This is the greatest desire of your Father in Heaven.
Everything that God has created is in you. Your body is a vessel, a temple, and your spirit lives in it, and this makes you a person. You are the TREASURES OF HEAVEN, and He waits for you with an open heart. The greatest gift you shall ever give to me is your total consecration to my Immaculate Heart. It is through this gift from you that I am able to bestow this gift upon my Son Jesus for you. I pray that you shall accept my plea of reconciliation of love and peace, then you shall find my own heart waiting for you.

I ask you to be a sign of unity for others and the world to see.
When your soul has found the depths of solitude, it is in this time, God your Father may write upon your hearts His sign of love.
I will be with you on February 11. This is my feast day of Lourdes.
Thank you my angels for responding to me in prayer today.
Go in peace and love God!

From Ray Doiron, October 13, 1994 Our Lady was with us again today. She was dressed all in white. She had her hands in a praying manner, with a golden rosary. She gave me two messages, one private and one for all of you.

I will try to repeat it just as she gave it to me. Our Lady will not be with us in apparitions for the next three months. She wants us to pray the rosary every day, wherever we are - at home, church, work, or at the Shrine.
There were three months between the 17th and 18th apparitions at Lourdes, France. Bernadette put on the brown scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel before going to the 18th apparition on July 16, 1858. This was the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Her 18th apparition was her last. Sr. Lucy of Fatima said Our Lady came wearing the Brown Scapular on October 13, 1917.
Part of my private message was for me to ask all of you to wear the Brown Scapular on February 11, 1995, as an outward sign of love for Our Lady, Jesus, and God! Especially the sick and those with an incurable illness. Let this be the gift Our Lady asked for.
Because Our Lady will not be at the Shrine on Nov. 13 and Dec. 13. I will be with my wife who is receiving radiation therapy. This is my place at this time, with her. I will be at the Shrine again on Jan. 13, 1995, even though Our Lady will not. I must give thanks to God, Jesus and Mom for healing my wife, June!

December 20, 1994
Locution at Home
My children, I have told you that you are the lasting fruits of my many apparitions to this world.

I have told you to go out and bear fruit that will last. You have heard of the forbidden fruit in the garden, the Tree of Knowledge.
You pray in my prayer, the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
You have heard of the fruit of the Spirit that gives you the faith you must have to believe in God, that all things are possible in prayer with faith, love, patience, and kindness, and it will help you to come through great crises in your life.
Jesus said, "Only a good tree shall produce good fruit. The fig tree will come to life again. I am the vine, you are the fruit, My Father is the vine grower."
The Bible tells you in John, Revelation 22:1-2, "The Tree of Life produces fruit 12 times a year, one different each month."
Revelations 12:1 speaks of the Woman clothed in the sun with a crown of twelve stars around her head, and under her heel she crushes the head of the ancient serpent.
Col. 1:24-29, you were revealed the many mysteries hidden from all ages and generations past, but now it has been manifested to His holy ones to whom God chose to make known the completion of the word of God.
The tree that John spoke of that bears fruit twelve times a year, each month one different, is the fruit of my messages I give you, my children, each month, twelve times a year, all over the world in the many apparitions of me. For over thirteen years, I have given you a monthly message, the fruit of knowledge.
The teachings, knowledge, and wisdom to proclaim these words of God in the name of Jesus Christ, in you the hope of glory and to bring about the defeat of Satan and all his evil-doers.
The sign of your love is the wearing of my brown scapular and for this I will give you special blessings.
You, my children, are the army I am gathering together to defeat Satan. You come from all walks of life, races and religions. You have many different gifts to bring and share. I have chosen you; you have not chosen Me. Many are invited, but few are chosen. I have told you in my messages, the many prayers you pray will be the armor, the sword and chain I will use in the battle with the red dragon to defeat him. For in the end, MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUMPH OVER ALL! All my words come from your Heavenly Father, and are written in the Bible, and cannot be changed.

GO OUT AND BEAR FRUIT THAT WILL LAST, for you my children, are my chosen ones. I have come to free you my children, from the bondage of sin and all the evil things that lead you into sin in this ever material world where you live that is man-made and not God's.
You MUST decide for God, and GOD ALONE.
There is much more I would like to tell you, my chosen ones. As time goes on, many will be revealed to you.
Jesus' words, "I am the LIGHT and the RESURRECTION. He whosoever believeth in Me, will never die."
Go in peace and love God!

January 25, 1995
Locution while in Punta Gorda, Florida
My children, be on guard constantly, for Satan's power is very strong with great temptations and danger of his deceiving and treacherous ways.

Look to My Son, Jesus, for guidance and how to handle Satan.
In the desert, Satan tried to tempt Jesus with a large kingdom and everything Jesus might want, if only Jesus would bow down to him. Jesus sent him away with great anger and hate in him (Satan).
Satan was also present at the scourging at the pillar. It was Satan's hands guiding the blows upon My Son, and not the Roman soldiers. Satan tried to beat My son, Jesus, into submission to give up and turn away from God, His Father, but Satan failed again. Then in judgment of my Son, Satan also was there. Satan caused confusion and desertion among My Son's followers and friends. Then they crowned Him with thorns and dressed Him as a king. They mocked Him and spat at Him.
In carrying of the cross, Satan was also present making the path hard and the cross of all mankind very heavy.
Then in Satan's last try, He (Satan) humiliated the Son of God. Satan had Jesus stripped of all His garments in front of Me, His Mother, and His followers, friends and the large crowd. He was then nailed to the cross and hung up to suffer His death in front of all who loved Him. The humiliation of the large crowd, who just days before praised Him upon entering Jerusalem, are now calling Jesus names, deserting Him, hating Him for what Jesus did and preached in His life. They mocked Him. If He was the Son of God, why couldn't He save Himself. Jesus stayed loyal to His Father to His death!
My children, beware of Satan always! For pressure will come great upon you when you follow Jesus. He will try anything to turn you away from God with grave sickness, the death of a loved one, the loss of your job, and with many great tragedies that will make you blame God and yet it is your own sins Satan is leading you into that separates you from God. Then Satan will abandon you when you think all is lost and hopeless.
This, my children, is the most needed time for you to pray and ask for forgiveness from God, your Father. My Son, Jesus, gave His life for you, especially in these times. Come to Him with an open heart and ask Him to help you. Jesus will be there for you and all who seek the love of God.
Go in peace and love God!

February 11, 1995
At the Shrine:
Today, my dear children, my heart is happy and I rejoice with you the way you are gathered here in this great cenacle of prayer and the wearing of my brown scapular.

Prayer is the ladder, the steps, the only way that will lead you to Jesus and your Heavenly Father and to gain Heaven.
Prayer is the only tool that will open up your heart to all that God has given you.
Prayer will bring your family, your church, your community together and bring about the only true peace in this world that will last. Whenever you pray, have faith and believe you will receive it. My Son, Jesus, and I your Heavenly Mother, will be with you in every prayer you pray. No prayer goes unheard, no matter how small, if you are alone or in a great cenacle or prayer. Prayer is the only weapon that will defeat Satan and yet it costs nothing.
My children, you are the citizens of Heaven here on earth, when you totally give yourself over to God and make Jesus the Lord of your life.
Your citizenship is in heaven, and from it you will await a Savior, your Lord Jesus Christ. He will change your lowly body to conform with His glorified body by the power of God, which enables Him to also bring all things into subjection to Himself. Philippians 3:20-21
There are many miracles happening today through the Eucharist as never before. The only miracles you hear of are scientific and man-made in this material world you live in, because you have forgotten GOD AND WHO HE IS!!
PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! Pray for your Pope, Bishops, Priests, all church leaders, and leaders of all nations so they will work together for world peace.
I ask you to pray for all sinners, conversion, penance, and the sacrament of Reconciliation. Pray the most powerful prayer, the prayer my humble servant, Bernadette, prayed at the grotto, THE HOLY ROSARY. I invite you all to wash in the water I give you from the miraculous spring in the grotto where I appeared at Lourdes, France.
My son Jesus' words, "I come into the world to defeat Satan, not people, but to save them." This is why I am with you also. My mission here on earth, given to Me by your Heavenly Father, is to defeat Satan and bring my children back to GOD!
Today I bless you all, the sick, the poor, the needy, your intentions, and to those wearing my brown scapular, with very special blessings, for today is MY FEAST DAY OF LOURDES! I will be with you, my children, on May 13 of this year. Stay close to GOD AND JESUS, and your Heavenly Mother in prayer, for Satan's power is very, very strong. PRAY THE ROSARY DAILY! I have taken all your petitions and presented them to God and placed them in my Son Jesus' hands as a loving Mother, and whatever He wills, will be done.

Go in peace and love God!
From Ray: Today Our Lady appeared all in white. In her hands, folded in prayer, she had the most beautiful rosary. It gave off a golden glow and appeared to be made of pearls or diamonds. In her left hand she had the brown scapular; I only saw this as she raised her hand to bless everyone at the end of the message.

March 13, 1995
At the Shrine
Locution from Jesus
My dear children, you go to school 12- 16 years of your life. After you have completed your schooling, you then take a deep breath and say you are ready to go out and face the world.

My children, your life here on earth from the moment of your birth until your death is like your schooling. You are preparing yourselves here on earth for your eternal life in heaven.
Whatever you do here on earth is how you will be rewarded in heaven. I tell you to learn how to pray, love and teach others who God is in your life here on earth. You will be rewarded greatly for this in heaven.
You only see death as death, the end! If you have faith in Me, believe in Me, and love Me, this will be the beginning of your life. DO NOT be afraid to die, for I will be with you. I told my apostles, "I go to prepare a place for you in my Father's kingdom." Believe this!
I was crucified for you, not as a show, but FOR YOU. By you not coming to Me in faith and love, you crucify Me every day you stay away from Me.
In the many apparitions of My Mother here on earth, many of my children are wanting and waiting for a big sign or a big bang. I tell you this, by you coming here to Me in prayer and opening up your hearts in prayer, every day, you are helping My Mother in Her plans, and this is to bring you all to understand that you are glorifying Me.
My children, you ask, "When will this all take place?" You are living in these times I spoke of in the Bible. Be prepared, for only the Father knows what hour this will happen.
My mother told you, you have nothing to fear if you are in God's graces. Be a simple, loving person with prayer in your hearts. DO NOT try to be better than your brothers by outdoing them. I will be the judge of them. I told you I will always be with you. DO NOT put a distance between us, for I wish only for you to be close to Me with your whole heart and love, and live in peace with all you meet.
My children, by hearing, living and doing what My Mother is telling you in all Her messages, you will be ready to share in My glorification when I return to this world and drive all the evil from the earth.
There will be no longer panic, hatred, fear or confusion, only the beauty of peace and love, and suffering and pain will no longer exist. I will destroy all this in My second coming. Time is short! I tell you to repent and prepare yourselves for My glorified return to you, THE HOUR WHEN THE SON OF GOD AND MAN SHALL COME. DO NOT fear death. The reason you fear death is because you have not given yourself over to Me. You have let your sins come between us. The longer you stay away from Me, the more sins you commit.

I died for you to show you if you follow Me, there is life after death. I rose from the dead to prove this for you, and would give My life for you again and again to prove how much I love you.
There are many skeptics and scholars who take the word and messages of My Father and tear them apart, trying to get another meaning from them and pull you away from God your Father.
Many are "wolves in sheep's clothing," leading my people astray in doing this. They will suffer greatly for this. They are such fools.
Be obedient children to your Father, Me and My heavenly Mother, to the Pope, Bishop, Priests and Ministers. I will reveal all my fallen leaders to you so you do not hear their teachings.
Show obedience, love, honesty and above all, PRAY. Open your hearts and souls totally to me. I will give you Divine protection so you will be united with God your Father, and His Divinity will become yours. I bless you all here today. Go in peace and love God.

Private messages to Ray from Our Lady over the year (1994) The Old Testament tells of the coming of the Messiah and the New Testament tells of the birth of my Son Jesus and His death for your sins. The Bible tells you about the Second Pentecost and the Second Coming of Your Savior. St. Paul's letter to the Thessalonians 2:1-17 tells you of the times you are living in today. Do not worry if the present church and faith seem to be in ruins for not one word of my Son Jesus' gospel will be changed or denied. If you are in God's graces, you will have nothing to fear. Entrust yourselves to my Son Jesus and my Immaculate Heart.

The hour of great confusion for my church is here. The Pope speaks of this. Pray for him! I will soon do battle with the Red Dragon and the hour of darkness is approaching. You wonder, what shall we do? How should we conduct ourselves? What will the outcome be for us? Is the time of great purification near? I tell you my children, do not look for this hour, so that you may be caught up in fear and anxiety. Take refuge in my Son and be under the protection of my mantle. I will be your answer. Only the Father knows what hour.

I want all my children under the cross of my Son with me in prayer. This is the road Jesus took to save all men and is the road you must take in the hour of great confusion and darkness. Have recourse to me for I will be your salvation. Say this prayer, "O, Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."
My children, do not become uneasy if you hear and find movements inspired in souls to whom I have revealed myself in apparitions. These apparitions are springing up all over the world. This is my great plan and everything is in place to defeat Satan. Do not put down or become jealous of these children that God has picked to receive this honor. I give them messages that are truly from Heaven and should be taken to heart. Consecrate your heart to me!
My duty as your Heavenly Mother is to be near you and protect you. I suffer when you suffer, and I worry about you when you are in sin. Come unto Me!
The weapons that I will use to fight and win this battle will be your prayers and your suffering. Then you, my children, will take up your crosses and be with Jesus and your Mother! Then when Satan thinks he has won a victory and has succeeded in plunging the sanctuary of God into darkness, I will snatch the victory from him and crush the ancient serpent's head with my heel! The many rosaries will be the chain I will use to chain Satan and cast him into Hell forever. For in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph over all!
Look at the way Judas betrayed Jesus and see how many are still betraying him. The way people are denying him today and say they don't even know him. Look how many are walking away from Jesus and the Church. The Pope finds himself alone and in isolation. He feels rejected by his closest friends.
There is a lack of obedience and discipline in the church and my priests. They don't pray the Rosary the way they should. Jesus said "He who wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me." Every kingdom divided against itself is destined to defeat and ruin.
Satan makes my children believe that I have nothing to do with the Pope but he, the Pope, is my Pope. What he is teaching are my words which come from your Heavenly Father. Many of my priests think that they do not need me in the church anymore. This is wrong. I am the mother of the church. This is how the evil one works, causing nothing but shipwreck in the faith. Listen to my words; Satan's time is coming to an end and very soon!
Do not fear for I will lead you, my children, to your God, my Son Jesus and to Paradise.
Go in peace and love God!
When the angel appeared to me and told me that I was to conceive a child which will be the Son of God, I knew that I had never known man and that I was a virgin. I wanted to tell everyone I met, but I was to keep it a secret that I carried Jesus in my womb. I kept the secret for nine months and then it was made known to the world of the birth of the Son of God!
So it was with you. I came to you and told you to go to Our Lady of Snows Shrine for the next four months, but to tell no one, to keep it a secret, and you answered, yes. You did as I asked. I knew how badly you wanted to tell and shout it out to all, but you remained loyal to me. Even after the four months of my appearing to you, you came back on the fifth month out of love and obedience to me. You kept coming back on the 13th of each month until October and still you kept it a secret for nine months just as I did with my Son Jesus, January to September. On October 13, 1993, I told you to make it known to the world, and you did.
You have been a loyal and loving servant to me. You have always praised the name of my Son Jesus in everything you said and did. For this you will be rewarded greatly. Maybe not in this world but in the next. I will always bless you and be with you.
You asked me why I have chosen you to spread my messages, because you feel so inadequate and helpless, not suitable. You said, "I am nothing and weak and you know my past life of infidelities." My son, I have chosen you because you are the least apt instrument. Thus no one will say this is your work or words. I will manifest my strength through your nothingness and manifest my power in your littleness and faults. In the past years, the devil had almost succeeded in claiming you as a victory, but my Lord did things to you and showed you things that only a few ever see. This totally changed your life, and you became one of my most loyal angels to whom I can trust. Because you are living through all these events and know what lies ahead, you have consecrated your soul to me and I in you.
You asked yourself, what happened to me? Things that used to captivate and completely absorb me now don't mean anything. I have transformed you and consecrated your heart and soul to me. You will become a faithful image of my Son Jesus. I will give you new ways of understanding and you will see things that used to interest you no longer mean anything. You will learn to love with a new feeling of love in your heart for everyone and everything.
Do not be afraid or worried about meeting with me on the 13th of each month, for I will guide you and tell you what to do. Do not be too concerned in spreading my words, for I will send you my angels to help you. Let me act, trust me. I want you to keep them in prayer and close to me so I can cover them with my mantle. Be patient, my ways are far different than yours.
You will learn to be attentive to my voice and it is good that you are now writing down everything I tell you in simplicity. You will always act under my motherly inspiration. I tell you to be careful of what you say, for many will repeat your words. You have been put to the test in how to keep a secret and in words told to you in secret. I tell you all these things because the day will come when all will be known to the world.
Even when you are not praying, you will have prayer on your mind. Even if you are amusing yourself or taking a trip, you will remain in me. I will set a fire in your soul and you will receive many graces for doing what I tell you.
Everything that happens to you has been prearranged by me for your own good. Even the moments of obscurity, suffering and misunderstanding are all rearranged, so that you may grow and become strong along the way of perfect consecration. Your past and infidelities do not exist anymore, for you are mine.
There were times when life seemed lost. People turned away from you and you didn't know why. Some talked about you and put you down. Some even threatened you, but you prayed for them. When your wife became sick, you still remained loyal to me and prayed. These are trials and tests of one's love to God.
You have brought many souls back to God in what you do and how you show love to them. To you my humble servant, I bless You!

From Ray: I will pray with anyone who asks for their own special intentions or sickness and I will even lay hands on them and ask God in the name of Jesus to heal them. But to my knowledge, I do not have the gift of healing, the gift of tongues, or any other special gift. The only gift I have is seeing Our Lady and receiving messages. I know of no other visionary who has the gift of healing. This gift God gives to other people.

I was told there are more than 250-300 known apparitions of Mary today and more to come as people come forth who were afraid before.
Our Lady told me that she would appear in everyone's living room if she had to, to bring men to their knees in prayer and back to God. As we look back 2,000 years and see what took place since the birth of Our Lord, people will look back at what is taking place today, in these years, 1990 to 2000+, as the big event in history of the Bible in the time to come. All will be fulfilled. The defeat of Satan from the beginning of Adam and Eve until the second Pentecost, the second coming of Jesus and his 1,000-year reign of total peace!
There are many signs given to us by God, but because man is so far away from him, they cannot see them. This is why Our Lady is here, to show and warn us as a loving mother.
Jesus came into this world through the womb of the Blessed Mother and we all are to return to Heaven through her. Jesus gave her this mission to intercede for us, to gain Heaven and eternal life. We all look for miracles and signs that we can see, but see none. Miracles are happening all around us and we do not see them because we are not totally open to the love of God through prayer. "I was blind but now I see!" Because skepticism has blinded our eyes and we cannot see the beauty that God gives us.
Our Lady told me, "There will always be pain and suffering in this world. You cannot live without it." Jesus said, "I do not promise you a bed of roses in this life, only in the next, if you follow me."
If I try to describe a painting to a blind person, that is how faith is. Can they see through your words? It is easier to describe this to a blind person than to one who can see. They who see will only believe what they can see and so faith is lost. I cannot make you believe that I am seeing Our Lady. I don't know if I could believe you. I'd want to. Let your heart guide you to believe. Isn't that what religion is? Come seek and find, is all I will try to tell you. Someone has touched the hearts of so many people. They come here in the cold, rain and heat. I didn't make them come. All I was told by Our Lady was to be there on the 13th of each month and pray and they will follow.
I wonder how our faith and religion would look to all the prophets from the Bible, with all that is taking place today. Well, my friends, the things the prophets told about are happening today. Can you see it? If not, you should go to prayer so you can.
I'm not smart enough to say all the things in Her messages or even to know about them. Many people ask me how to pray and what to say in prayer because of the many different faiths. I tell them the most simple prayer that comes from the heart and your own words are just as good as any prayer. I love you Jesus is so simple and yet Our Lady said that it sounds like trumpets in Heaven. Also, people ask, why the 13th of each month? And why on the 13th in so many different apparitions? The only answer I can give is it must be a special day with Our Lady. She wants us to make the 13th of each month a day of prayer. If everyone would stop for a few hours in prayer on the 13th, Our Lady told me that this would even cause amazement to all the saints and angels in Heaven from the sound of so many people in prayer. Jesus said, "Where there are two or more gathered in my name, there I will be also."
Something I have noticed that takes place during the apparition, there seems to be no distance between Our Lady and me. I know that we are about 30 feet away from where she appears, but anytime I wanted to, I could reach out and touch Her. I wouldn't, but I could. Another thing with my eyes closed, I can still see Her.
I have had three near-death experiences. I have been in the tunnel with the bright light at the end. I have seen what was at the end. I could not have dreamt all this up. Someone had to tell me. I do believe that this is why I am now experiencing the apparitions of Our Lady today.
The reason Our Lady is coming to us is to give us these messages. She wants to teach us and tell us, as a loving mother, we must come back and decide for God. She is not coming, so I can describe what she looks like - we all know this, we who know her. She is trying to reach the ones who do not know her. The prodigal son (people).
One person asked me if I was on pills that could make me hallucinate. Anything could be possible, but I am deaf in my right ear, have been from a small child. When Our Lady is with me, I can hear her gown rustle in the breeze. I know she wants me to hear it for a reason. If I was hallucinating with my eyes, which I am not, I couldn't be with my ears also. I am not imagining all this.
I tell people and my friends that we should not chase rainbows. We hear of a place where Our Lady is appearing, and we go there at all cost. Then we hear of another place and we run to that at all cost. Then we hear of another place and we run to that place. Our Lady is appearing all over the United States today. We do not need to chase rainbows, looking for a pot of gold. Our rainbow is wherever you are. Be with the people of your family and friends to pray together. Your rainbow is in your everyday life. Pray with your family first and if you have a place close by, such as the Shrine of Our Lady of Snows, go there and pray in unison with others.
God bless you all and may His peace and love be with you!

October 20, 1994
From Ray:
We know that through our own faith, we can be healed and cured. There is a difference between the two. To be cured, you are made free of the sickness that is in your body. To be healed, one is made free of both sickness of the body and soul, also restored to a grateful whole person. This comes through your faith in God and Jesus Christ. Far more souls have been saved through suffering than by the finest sermons.

Look at the world today that we live in and the bad shape it is in (Satan at work). Our Lady is appearing here, in this world, in so many places to help heal it and all of us of the sickness we face. We must first learn how to heal all mankind before we can ever have peace in this world. Strong, hard messages are given to us by Our Lady, from God, as we as people must listen to them. If we do not, there will be a punishment from God, just as in the day of Noah and the great flood. Wake up, people of this world - the wrath of God is not far off!
When we find peace in each other and not jealously and hatred, then peace will come. Wouldn't it be great if our children, which is the future of this world, instead of a gun, knife or drugs, would bring a rosary or prayer book to school. This will never happen if we do not allow prayer back into our schools. Our country was founded on religion and faith. Somehow, we have let our leaders take everything that said "God" out of our system of government (Satan again at work). How can the future of this great country go on. How long will God permit it. Congress, there can be no plans without God. We vote you in and we can vote you out. The people will show you, Congress - wake up!
If you let your flesh in control of the soul, you will be lost. You must put your heart and soul back in charge. Let your heart control the flesh to gain all that God has created for you. This is done through prayer, fasting and learning who God is. We must all help each other with an understanding heart.
Do not judge me on how I give you these messages from Our Lady. Judge for yourself on how you receive the words in your heart and soul. Then put the words to work in your everyday lives. All I want is to make this a better world for you and me, and make the future better for our children. One of the greatest rewards I get for what I have been doing at the shrine is to see how our young children are coming out to pray. Jesus said, "Children shall lead the world." Young couples of all faiths are coming together in prayer; this is truly the work of God. It doesn't matter if you believe in me or not!

October 21, 1994
From Ray:
All I was told by Our Lady was to go to the shrine and pray, and they will come! Look for yourselves what has happened!

Every time a person steps forward and proclaims his or her feelings of the word of God, they put themselves on the front line for criticism. Don't be afraid to talk about Jesus to people of different faiths. You do not have to be a priest or minister of their faith to talk to them. More than likely, they will listen to you more than someone of their own faith. Plant the seed in them, then let God, in their own faith, make it grow. This is called evangelizing to all. Jesus said, "I will make you fishers of men."
If you wonder why no one listens to you when you speak the words of God, it is because a person cannot minister without an anointment from God. God chooses you and He will send the Holy Spirit upon you, with an anointing. God will give you words of wisdom to convey his words. Without an anointing from God, people will not understand you. Acts 10:41-44. The power of the anointing.
Do not be surprised if people who know you or people from your own hometown will not listen to you. This happened to Jesus. This will happen even if you have received an anointing from God. Therefore, they may never see all things that God has given us. Pray for them and forgive them.
Divine energy from God for healing the sick comes from an anointing. This can take place in you also, if God gives you an anointing.
If someone gets offended when you preach the words of God, this person can be called an Antichrist. This is because they do not believe in God. Romans 10:8-17.
If you do not get answers to your prayers, it is because God has good reasons. God may want to teach you something. You must show God your love, patience and obedience through prayer, God's ways are different than ours. He does not move in hours, days or even years. His time is not like ours. Even if you are a good religious person. God picks and chooses who he wants to carry out His work and words. Lucifer was a good angel, but he did not want to be obedient to God. He lost it all and was cast into hell with all the fallen angels.
God permitted Satan to be so man could see good and evil. We can then judge for ourselves what is right. God created hell for Satan and all his evildoers.
Jesus said, "I did not come to destroy the world, but to save it from Satan and evil, to restore righteousness to all men and give life to all, forever, who choose to follow me."
People ask me why is the war in Medjugorje still going on? I don't know. What is taking place there started many thousands of years ago in the mountains of Tabor. This was a war between two religions and is still carried on today. Look what has happened in the holy land and still is today. It is God against evil.
I was asked by a Palestinian man to ask Our Lady to pray for peace in their land. I told him that when the two sides come together and learn to pray together, respecting each other's differences, then peace will come. They need to see God in each other, along with their religious differences, not judging because they are Palestine or Jew. The same is happening in Yugoslavia. Look at our own country; there is so much unrest between different faiths. If we can come together in prayer and not try to change one another, we will have peace here also. Isn't this what is taking place where Our Lady is appearing? Freedom to pray together. It is Satan's plan to keep people of different faiths at odds with one another. Our Lady is appearing in so many different places to bring all of her children together and to help us understand each other.

November 12, 1994
From Ray:
When we totally believe in God, it requires no miracles. God is the source of all things, the infinite power of this world and our lives. We must realize that there is a reason for all this. Who created all this and why?

God gives us all a freedom to choose for ourselves, to search for a meaning in all things, even the freedom to make mistakes. Then we can ask for forgiveness when we fail.
God is big, very big, and he loves us far more than we can ever know. All we have to do is show Him our love and be obedient to Him and His laws.
He gave us his only Son to save us all from our sins, Our Savior. We have his Son, Jesus Christ, in the Eucharist of the Blessed Sacrament. The Eucharist is a communion with Him and others; it is the renewal of what Jesus did at the last supper. Jesus gave us life so that we all may live. He did this with His body and blood and passion and suffering. Let us never forget this!
God gave us also the Blessed Virgin. As Mother of Jesus, she was chosen to be the mother of God. Her Son is the Divine Word made flesh. She plays an individual role in the church and in her supernatural life; her presence is here on earth still today.
On the seventh apparition at Lourdes, She said, "I am the Immaculate Conception." She is the ever virgin and mother of Christ. In her apparition, She, Our Blessed Mother, gave special graces and responded also with miracles that bear witness to Jesus Christ.
She restores to us hope and faith. She responds to us with cries of love and pity as Jesus did when he walked this earth. "Lord let me see, Let me walk again, Let me be healed, hear my cries." It has not changed much even today, 2000 years later. These are cries of people searching for the eternal light and their creator.
Why is Our Heavenly Mother appearing here on earth today in so many places? To warn us of what is in store for us if we do not change our lives. We must change our lives, the way we are living in great sin, and return to God. We must change through prayer reconciliation and conversion of our souls and hearts.
At the shrine, I have seen spiritual transformation of many. These people now have greater values and this is not for material things, which we all hold so dear. I have seen people sentenced to life in a wheelchair that are sad and unhappy just held together with a hope of a miracle. People with an incurable illness, after being at the shrine with others in prayer, once again find some joy in their hearts. They begin to look at their own misfortunes with the spirit of God. They ask Our Lady to look at the poor souls more in need than themselves. Some of these people have already been given no hope but now pray for others.

November 13, 1994
From Ray:
I ask the Father no longer to heal me but only for the many poor souls who suffer a lot more than me. I have been healed spiritually by Our Blessed Mother. She has interceded for me before her divine Son Jesus. I gain strength through the receiving of Jesus' body and blood. My conversion was a miracle given to me; people may not see, but I know that it took place. God performed this in me through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Today is November 13, 1994. We as a group meet at Our Lady of Snows shrine to pray. We pray together the 15-decade rosary and chaplet of divine mercy. Today, Our Lady will not be with us in apparition. She will not show herself for the next three months. She wants us to examine our hearts and souls to see how much we will miss her Son and Her. I will not be there today either; I will be with my wife, who is receiving radiation therapy. My place for now is with her. The absence of Our Lady will be a test to the people, to see if they truly believe and want to come there in prayer. I will be in prayer also, thanking God, Jesus and Our Little Lady for what they have given me. I will start to pray the rosary at 1 p.m., along with everyone at the shrine. Even though I will not be there, my heart and soul will be. This will be the first 13th day of the month I have missed since February 11, 1993. It will be very hard for me. This is a test of obedience for me.
People who have been to a place where Our Lady has appeared have a feeling of joy in their hearts. The mystery of this feeling is hard to put into words, but the moment you receive it, you want to share it with others. You want to give to others love and charity. Why are people of all faiths coming to a place where Our Lady is appearing? They are in search of something. Many come to be able to pray with many faiths and feel the unity of God's children, without all of the restrictions. There is too much baggage and politics in our churches today. Isn't this what happened 2000 years ago? People are wanting freedom in the way they worship. This is how our country was founded, freedom of religion. I know we have to have laws that govern us, both state and church, but why are there so many?
We have let our government take everything that has to do with God out of our schools, our jobs and our laws. No wonder our country and world are in great danger. People are in unrest, they want changes. Satan is having a ball. Let us put God back into our lives, in our laws and in our schools, then see what happens. You will see unrest slow down, hatred and jealously will diminish in people's hearts. Our churches once again will be filled. People will be more open to helping others. What did Our Lady say? "For I will be with you always. Love your neighbor as yourself."
If you do not believe in the words and messages I have been receiving from Heaven over the past years, start praying to God yourself. Ask him for guidance of your heart and soul. Be prepared for His answer; it may not be what you expect. Then judge for yourself.

Seven Steps Our Lady Asks Us to Make 1. Conversion of our heart to God.
2. Monthly reconciliation with God.
3. Penance and fasting.
4. Attend Mass every Sunday, and if possible, during the week.
5. Make sacrifices. Spend an hour of adoration in prayer with my Son's Sacred Heart.
6. Pray the Rosary daily.
7. READ THE BIBLE DAILY. Pray and believe in God, for if you do not believe, you will never know my Son Jesus.

These are some readings from the Bible ...
John 15-16 You have not chosen me, I have chosen you, go out and bear good fruit that will last.
Psalm 17:15 In my justice, I will see your face, O Lord ... When your glory appears, my joy will be filled.
2 Cor. 5 vs. 14:15 The love of Christ compels us to live not for ourselves but for Him who died and rose for us.
When in sorrow, read John 14.
When men fail you, read Psalm 27.
When you have sinned, read Psalm 51.
When you worry, read Matt. 6, 19-34.
When you are blue, read Psalm 39.
If you are discouraged, read Isaiah 40.
If you feel down and out, read Romans 8, 39.
When you want courage for your tasks, read Joshua 1.
When you want rest and peace, read Matt. 11, 25-30.
When you are leaving home for labor or travels, read Psalms 121 and 107, 23-31.
If you are bitter and critical, read 1 Cor. 13.
If thinking of investments, read Mark 10, 17-31.
For a great invitation and opportunities, read Isaiah 55.
These are all good readings and can help you in life and also bring you to God and the wisdom of the Bible. The Rehema - The Word of God.

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