Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Vassula Ryden - Second Part

An introduction to the messages

Vassula Rydén, a member of the Greek Orthodox Church, has been given the charisma of locutions from God since November 28, 1985. She writes down these heavenly messages in notebooks. The messages contain an urgent call from God for our conversion. They have now been printed and translated into thirty languages. When God speaks in these messages we do not fail to notice the tone of hope that He is giving us. Yes, He would reprimand us many times, since He is Father, and like any father reprimands his children when they do wrong, so does our Father in Heaven, but He does it with love for He is Love and He created us out of love to return this love to Him. These messages reveal God's intimate image towards His creatures and what He asks from each one of us is to become intimate with Him too so that we get to know Him. Nevertheless, He reminds us never to forget that He is Holy and asks us to put into practice the "fear of the Lord", too. These messages are a call to our real foundations and a reminder of His Word and of His existence. As God Himself told Vassula: "Tell them that this message is not given to them to draw sensation, but to make them realize the urgency of their conversion, the gravity of the condition of their soul, the importance of changing their life and live holy." In these messages there is a plea from Christ for the churches to unite, especially for the unification of the dates of Easter. There are many references in the messages on the great apostasy that had been foretold by St. Paul in 2Th., ch.2 and of the spirit of rebellion in our times that is so powerful. This spirit of rebellion now has penetrated like smoke into the church influencing bishops and priests (Catholic) to turn against their own shepherd (the Pope). Christ is calling them back, to remain loyal to the Pope. But the triumph over evil is not far now and the Two Hearts (the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus) will triumph over this evil. There is a call for recognizing the presence of Christ in his divinity and in the Eucharist and recognizing Mary as the Mother of God. There are more than 5 thousand references to the Holy Spirit and profound teachings on the action of the Holy Spirit. Then God reveals prophetic messages on Russia's church, saying that Russia will be the country that will glorify Him more than any other country and that she will be the head (spiritually) of many nations. But what is more striking in these messages is the tenderness of God He shows towards us, revealing His infinite goodness and mercy. The description given by Christ on God, gives us a good summary of His portrait: "My Father is a King, yet so motherly, a Judge, yet so tender and loving. He is the Alpha and the Omega, yet so meek." In these messages God is trying to revive in us what is dead. This is why He pours out His Holy Spirit on us to bring us back to Him, to live a true Life in Him. He promises us that soon there will be an outpour of the Holy Spirit on humanity, such as never before in history, that will transfigure the whole earth.
This is the hope we are all looking for. There are many parts of Scriptures from the book of Revelations and the book of the Prophet Daniel that have been unsealed to us by Jesus Christ in these messages. Why is God so anxious to reveal Himself so powerfully again in our times if it is not so that He saves us? When He says in one message: "I look at the earth today and wish I never did ... My eyes see what I never wanted to see and my ears hear what I dreaded to ever hear! My heart, as a father, sinks with grief. I fashioned man to have my image, yet they have degraded themselves and today so many of them have taken the likeness of the beast! (the devil). My heart pains me, for I see to the ends of the earth and what I see is not according to my heart's desires ... your Father rules everything, but not your freedom, and man has perverted his freedom..." For this, God our Creator has to intervene once more in our times.

The ten Commandments

I Am . Lean on Me, think of My Love. I have walked on the Way to the Cross alone - of the men of My people not one was with Me. They hated Me for no reason at all. By force and by law I was taken; suffering and humiliation was the prize of My victory. I have taken your faults on Myself and I allowed those very hands that I created to strike Me and disfigure Me, but through these Wounds you are healed. So bless those who persecute you - do not judge them - bless them and pray for them . Today I am telling you this with tears in My Eyes: there are many who are behaving as enemies to Me and to My Cross. Of all those who preach My Gospel, very few actually are working with Me and for My Kingdom . My whole Law is summarized in a single command: LOVE Had they followed My Law and examined their conduct daily they would have discovered that they are not living according to My Commandments and if they tell Me 'how is it that we are not following Your Commandments? How are we then to follow Your Commandments? Can we teach Your Commandments if You say we do not follow them?' Yet you are not following them because love is missing within you. The Crown of My Commandments is Love - to love is to live according to My Commandments. Do not be like Cain who had no love for Me and simply out of spiritual jealousy cut his brother's throat. When I understood what God's intention was: to comment on His Ten Commandments, I feared to be unable to take everything down. O God, I will never be able to do it alone! Who told you that you are going to do this work alone? You shall write down every word I am going to tell you. Do not hurry, I can dictate to you in sessions if you wish. Lord, go according to my capacity!! You forget My Capacity that can fill your capacity. Come, share My Work to gain souls - do you understand My thirst? I am thirsty for souls, thirsty for your sanctity, thirsty for your reconciliation. I am thirsty, My dear children, for all that is Me and My reflection. I am thirsty to give you back your divinity; I am thirsty for a return of love; I am thirsty to renew your original source and alliance in My Holy Name - your original source that sprouts out of My Sublime Love; I am thirsty for adoration but behold what have you become and what have you done! O era! You have stopped adoring Me and you have instead multiplied your false gods. You are not obeying My Commandments, no, you are not observing My Law. Era of wretchedness, what have you become! You rarely invoke Me to adore Me, you do not call Me out of love nor honour Me any more, offering Me your services.
I have been calling you all the days of your life to remind you who your Heavenly Father is and to whom you are to turn to, but your heart is not set for Me nor is your mind willing because you preferred to cut off the navel-string that unites us and makes us one, to make out your own law and call yourself, "godless." Taken by Vanity you want to consider yourself equal to Me. You are now saying "I am equal to God and I am sitting on His Throne, because my wisdom has amassed great luxury and great authority over the world." Your skill in trading is such that a multitude of nations follow your example. Yes, you followed indeed the primeval serpent's advice who so cunningly made your ancestors eat the forbidden fruit, assuring them that they will be like gods. (Genesis 3:5) You thought then you would open your eyes but in reality you turned blind and to this day you are struggling to cut off this Cord that gives you Life and Sanctity, thinking you will find your freedom, but what you find is Death . O era of wretchedness! You are serving Folly instead of Wisdom; you are serving the dragon instead of your Holy One. You are not obeying My Commandments, no you are not observing My Law I laid down to you. You are incessantly putting Me to the test . Your era, My child, is guilty of grave blasphemies because it is not keeping My Law - they are unmindful of My Commandments in which they can find Life if they observe them . Nation after nation has deviated in all ten of My Commandments adding blasphemy to rebellion.
With the empire of the dragon, the black beast (Apocalypse 13. - The black beast represents the freemasons, the second beast represents the ecclesiastical freemasonry) set up (together with the second beast, alias the false prophet) blasphemous poles for themselves on every high hill and under every spreading tree to conquer the world and blow out the little light that is left in it. On each one of its seven heads the beast made idols representing its own gods - these idols are placed, with the power of the dragon, into high places. Then they appointed priests out of their own number for the high places who officiate today in the heart of My Sanctuary and they are not worshipping Me - they pretend to do so. They go out masqueraded as high priests, (Read message of 30.1.88) worshipping and serving the beast itself and its production, which is conformed to the world. They are worshipping alien and lifeless gods, just as their fathers once behaved in the past. They flout piety and repudiate My Commandments; My child, they go out to teach all nations to worship the image of mortal man, (A false Christ. The New Age goes out to teach a false religion. Satan apes God) a worthless imitation, instead of My Eternal Glory.
Ah! How they (God gave me their name) lie heavily on Me! With the power (Black masses) given to them by the dragon, they summit their implacable hatred and spirit of revenge by making war against the saints and all those who are not in their clan, and who refuse to worship the statue (A false Christ) of the beast. So I tell you, blessed are those who believe in Me and worship Me; blessed are those who follow Me; blessed are those who believe that My Promise is on its way to be fulfilled, for on these My Sigh of Love will be branded on their foreheads. I tell you truly, if a man serves Me, he must follow Me. (To follow Christ is to be crucified too) O era, do not be afraid to come back to Me, come back to Me while there is still time, for My Day is near and how will you face it? It is said, you shall have no gods except Me - do not follow other gods, gods of peoples round you - but men have transgressed My Father's first Commandment declaring their freedom openly by means and encouragements of the black beasts, upon whose heads will lie the blood of many. "Do not call My Name in vain" is the following Commandment. Now, arrogant nations are attacking My Holy Name, people whom I mean nothing to, with mouths full of blasphemous talk and ready with flattery for others when they see some hideous advantage in it - they curse My Holy Name when engaged in arguments.
They blaspheme against My Deity and My Holiness and those who officiate today in My Church, (but are revolving around the beast's power, boasting about their knowledge of My Law), are those very ones who are calling My Name in vain. They are those who shut up the kingdom of Heaven in men's faces, neither going in themselves nor allowing others to go in who want to. They preach against stealing, yet they steal souls from Me. They "forbid" adultery, yet they commit adultery themselves since they follow the black beast and are faithful to him. They pretend to despise idols, yet they rob My Sanctuary. So if this generation blasphemes My Holy Name and uses It idly, it is because of the permissiveness, satiated in vice, given to them freely by these very ones garbed in black cloaks. (Sect of freemasonry) To destroy the roots of holiness and justice is their aim, and bring lawlessness at its zenith . Generation, in My Return, would I have to say: "there is not a good man left, there is not one who understands, no one, who looks for Me?" I have asked you to remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day, yet you have reversed It with impurity and sullied It with filthy enjoyments and the practices with which you dishonor your own bodies and minds, since you have given up divine Truth for a lie and worship and serve creatures instead of serving Me. You have made Sodom and Gomorrah appear almost faultless and pure compared to your impurities. I tell you truly on that Day it will not go as hard with Sodom and Gomorrah as with you now. Most of you do not observe the Sabbath Day - no you are not, you are not observing My Law. Scripture say: "with all your heart honour your father.
Never forget the birth pangs of your mother. Remember that you owe your birth to them, how can you repay them for what they have done for you?" (Ecc 7:27-30) and you are to follow this Commandment: "honour your father and your mother." Why are so many of you surprised that so few follow this Commandment? Foolish and wicked notions led these children astray into worshipping empty productions, filling their spirit from early childhood with a spirit of sluggishness. Many parents have not given their children that ever flowing Source of My Spirit. Wisdom was calling them day and night, but this generation barred Her out, and every day that passed, your children strayed further and further from the Path leading to Me. If any one, young or old, acknowledges Me as their God, they would reflect My Image, and out of love, would obey and honour their parents as they would be obeying and honouring Me. But all things that are conformed to the world have depraved these children from coming to Me - love is missing. Many parents are complaining of their children's disobedience while they are doing exactly the same thing to Me. Why? Can they really claim to have abundant goodness, patience and toleration? Had they really all these virtues, their children too would have the virtue of obedience and would honour them both, but I tell you, this generation's minds are empty and so Darkness came and filled them up, for the image of becoming a philosopher is more important in their eyes than My Eternal Glory. Then, their lack of holiness is consumed by passion and from early youth go out and dishonour their own bodies. Your generation has flouted My Commandments and replaced Them with blasphemous imitations, and to this day out of the beast's mouth come out evil productions to darken your children's minds and draw them as victims right into the lion's mouth, conquering their young mind to worship the first beast and serve man-made gods, giving them the honour and respect that was meant for Me and thus reflect this virtue, on their parents .
I am telling you truly: for the unsubmissive who refused to take My Commandments for their guide and took depravity instead, there will be fire in the end for them. O happy the submissive in heart, they shall attain perfection . So I tell you: do not be unsubmissive to the Fear of the Lord . You know I have forbidden you to kill, generation! If you call yourself Mine and call yourself part of My Church and you preach against killing, how is it you kill? Do you presume to maintain that you are in the right and insist of your innocence before Me in the day of Judgement when you heap up crimes of unborn children? From Heaven I watch frightful sights. Ah! How I suffer to see how the womb that shapes this child, rejects him and sends him to his death without a name and without regret; the womb that shaped him recalls him no longer. For these I say: "you may sharpen your sword, but the weapon you prepared will kill you. Now you are not pregnant with child but with iniquity, you are going to conceive Spite and you will give birth to Mishap. You have dug a pit, hollowed it out, only to fall into your own trap! Your spite will recoil on your head and your brutality will fall back on your head." (Psalm 7:12-16) And you, you who are reputed to be faithful to Me and hold firmly to My Name, I know all about you, yes, you are reputed to be alive and thriving and yet you are not, you are dead and decomposing .
Repent! I had entrusted you with souls beyond number, but the devil traded with you to exchange them for his gold and silver. Yes, indeed! I know how you live now, you live like jackals (The once faithful ones 'sold' themselves to Satan to follow the beast) in hidden lairs, (the lodges of freemasons) these lairs upon which I shall run an open highway. (That is: God will overthrow these lodges) I shall come suddenly upon you and expose your nakedness and when the day comes I shall not allow you to eat from the tree of Life. Listen carefully: you preach against killing, yet you kill My Spirit. You boast about the Law then disobey it because you have not understood the mystery of My hidden manna. No, you have not yet understood My miraculous feedings, nor the mystery of My Transfiguration . I have promised you to keep you alive in the end of Times with My Celestial Manna. I said to My church in Pergammun: (Apocalypse 2:3,17) "to those who prove victorious I will give the hidden manna and a white stone, a stone with a New Name written on it, known only to man who receives it" . I am today offering you this manna reserved for your times, a Celestial food, a nourishment of My Spirit for your starved spirit. I pour out My Spirit in its fullness to fill up your interior desert and I am offering you My celestial manna free, for this is the food of the poor... But you have not understood, so you refuse to eat it and forbid others from eating it.
I have already inscribed My New Name on the "white stone" which will be known only to the poor. You claim to be humble and poor yet you are neither humble nor poor. Your spirit is enthroned in the riches of Satan. I am the Ruler of the kings of the earth and I have asked you not to commit any impure acts or adultery. Adultery has been refined in such a way by Satan, that it lost its meaning both in ecclesiastical orders and in laity . My endurance in your sin has come now at its end. For those (Jesus is again referring those who worship the beast) who sought Satan's blasphemous powers and erected them as banners to efface My Divinity and My Holiness, and My Holy Sacrifice, I tell you: it is your fault that My Name is being blasphemed among the godless .
You have sullied My Sanctuary by ordaining perverted men with degrading passions, tainted all alike they do not fear Me. So if the godless today commit adultery and find it natural it is because of the great permissiveness in My Church given under the instructions of the beast whose aim is to falsify the Truth. How is it you forget so easily that your bodies are members of My Body? I would like to see you free from perversion since your bodies are the temple of My Holy Spirit . I, your God, would like to see you live holy since I am Holy . Creation! By Acknowledging Me as your God you will be able to acknowledge My Law, and thus follow it, but many of you failed and now your corpses litter this desert. I have not commanded you to sin, so why use your freedom in a way that proves a pitfall for your soul? Pray to Me so that I may forgive you, otherwise you would be a loser . Marriage is to be honoured and kept holy. I am the Lord and I have called you to a life of devotion, of peace, love and holiness. I have called you to Myself forever. I called you to betroth you with My Tenderness and My Love and not until you understand that you are Mine and My betrothed, you will stop sinning and committing adultery towards Me. I will not cease, for the sake of My Holy Name, to take all means to bring you back to your senses, even if I must drag you out into the wilderness and expose you there My Sacred Heart and Its Fathomless Riches to make you understand the nakedness and wretchedness of your soul. Then like a scroll, I shall unroll to you all My Knowledge so that you renounce your sin. I have the power to cure you, so come and repent! My Holy Spirit asks you not to steal. If you call yourself Mine and if you know My Law and claim to be in the Truth, then why not teach yourself, you who ordained yourself as priest as well as others, not to steal? But you have allowed yourself to be bought and follow subtly the beast, (follower of the beast: the false prophet) who taught you to set banners of lawlessness. You are of the world and I have much to condemn you for. Your tongue proudly claims that you do great things, good things, honest things, deceiving even the elect with your lamb's mask. But I tell you: you do not deceive Me, because I know that behind your lamb's mask, you hid a hideous catastrophe for mankind such as the world has never seen before.
Your aim is to abolish My Sacrifice (that is, Holy Communion - Daniel 12:11) and replace It by Iniquity and with a Lie. You profess to be a Prophet to disown My own prophets. Have you no fear to have your name blotted out of the Book of Life, since all you do is steal millions of souls from Me leading them to their death? Your miracles impress many today and even more the day you will rid off My prophets, overcoming them (Apocalypse 11:8) by your sword . Now you have armoured yourself to the teeth to make war on them because their witnessing disturbs your ears and their obedience to My Commandments even more. They have not followed you nor the beast. They are the ones who have kept faithful to Me and have never allowed a lie to pass their lips, (Apocalypse 14:5) they are My Abels. In the eyes of the world you will appear to have overcome them, but your joy will be only for a very short time because like thunderbolt I shall let My Justice overpower you. I shall descend to breathe again life in them, (Apocalypse 11:11) raising them before your very eyes as columns of light in My Sanctuary and then Heaven will open and you will see Me. And if you will ask Me: why are your rich garments stained with crimson? Why are your garments red, your clothes as if you had trodden the winepress? (Isaiah 63:2) I shall tell you: I have trodden the winepress alone. Of the men of My people not one was with Me. I have trampled upon My enemies in My wrath, they never ceased defying Me and provoking Me. I have come to efface from the surface of this earth all human doctrines and regulations which were poison food to all of you and forced by the sword upon you to defile My Divinity and My Holiness. This shall be the first battle of the end. I Am the Majestic Rider, (Apocalypse 19:11) I Am the Word . If this earth mourns, pining away and its trees have no produce and their leaves are withering, it is because you are not obeying My Law.
Have I not said: you shall not give false witness or testimony? Yet from the core of My Sanctuary, where lies the lance's blade, (The false prophet) where among My Abels are the Cains too, this Commandment is not obeyed too. Cain's appointed priests are sent out now to the four corners of the earth, not to bear witness on Me as the Resurrected, nor on My Sacrifice, but to condemn My Word by aping Scriptures, (New Age sect apes scripture) and to teach all nations a False Christ, under a false ecumenism, giving the world a portion of Rationalism and Naturism, a defiled food, A Lie. I tell you: they shall not prove victorious nor will they rule forever. Justice will prevail! I shall not leave you prosper forever since I know all about you and how by the power of the dragon you are appointing your own priests placing them into high seats to crush and overcome My own priests. I tell you: the time is almost over.
I will drag you from your high seat to fall at the feet of My own priests, My saints and My angels and make you admit that you are the slave of the beast... Soon, very soon, I shall come to you like a thief, unexpected, and overthrow the Lie, your False Christ, and place back The Truth. I shall soon come to shatter this false image you are making out of Me, compelling every nation to honour it. (Apocalypse 13:16. - the root of the sect New Age is Freemasonry) No, victorious you shall not be! Daughters and sons of Mine, you who err aimlessly in this desert, return to Me, repent! Sin no more. I know you have many a times testified wrongly for lack of love, but you were not under your shepherd's protection to be taught My precepts because of your hostility towards Me. Yet, in spite of your arrogance and your hostility towards Me, I cry out to you: I love you! And My forgiveness has been granted to you already. Come back to Me as you are and I shall dress you with My Divinity, I shall give you back your divinity for the sake of My Holy Name. You want to testify? Testify on My great Love and Mercy. You want to bear witness? Bear witness in My Name, Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God and Saviour .
Love one another as I love you. Rejoice you who have been given My hidden manna and have already received the Seal of My Love on your forehead . From Heaven have commanded you not to covet your neighbour's goods nor your neighbour's wife. From laity to priests this Commandment has not been kept either. I have revealed My Love for every creature on earth with My Sacrifice and through this Sacrifice gave you eternal life and My Message of Love. Many of you preach love, forgiveness, humility, tolerance, holiness, over and over again, yet to this day many of you are ready to kill because you do not get what you want. You keep on throwing venomous arrows on each other because you do not have what I have given your neighbour . From the time of My Abel to this day this sin is constantly repeated. The first man to covet his brother's goods was Cain, but how many more Cains are there today? and how many more Esaus? Motivated by convenience and nothing else he gave up his birthright, falling into apostasy. Why not follow Abel's example and be holy? To love is to live holy and according to My Commandments. If you who praise Me night and day yet covet your neighbours goods, I ask you to repent! If you ask Me: "how am I coveting My neighbour's goods, I, who consecrated My goods to You, my life and everything, how am I coveting his goods?" I will tell you: your spirit is coveting your neighbour's spirit, and those very gifts that I have given his spirit. The devil has set a trap for your soul, do not fall! Where do these wars and battles between yourselves first start in My House, if they are not mainly from spiritual jealousy? Cain wanted something and he did not get it, so he killed Abel. Esau wanted something and he gave up his birthright to get it . You have an ambition you cannot satisfy, so either you ignore your neighbour's happiness to dissatisfy him, or you go out and are ready to kill.
I tell you truly: if at heart you have the bitterness of jealousy, or a self-seeking ambition, never make any claims for yourself or cover up the Truth with lies for wherever you find jealousy and ambition, you find disharmony, hypocrisy and tepidness. Do not go on sinning, repent! and do not get influenced by those appointed by the false prophet and are members of Satan's dwelling. Do not listen to them. I shall soon descend with My Throne among you, so come and repent while there is still time. Come you who waver and hesitate between good and evil and who insinuate yourself into your neighbour's house in order to get influence over silly women who are obsessed with their sins and follow one craze after another in the attempt to educate themselves, but can never come to knowledge of the Truth. (2 Timothy 3:6-8) Realize how pitiable you are to look at and do not misunderstand My reproofs, realize how I love you . Work for My Glory and do not look to your left nor to your right for if you look to your left you will behold ravenous wolves ready to pounce on you and tear you to pieces, and if you look to your right you will see a pit, dug up for you to fall into. Be happy then generation with what I have given you and share as I share with you. My Fire is imminent and, ah, so many of you will be unprepared because your era does not believe, they do not adore Me, they do not hope or love Me. Your generation has replaced The Truth and My Commandments by blasphemies. Love is missing among you. You do not live a life of love, nor have you understood what "the Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom" means. If you fear Me, you are blessed; if you fear Me you can attain perfection; if you fear Me I will intoxicate you with My sweet Wine and fill you with My produce; if you fear Me you will live in Peace; if you fear Me Wisdom will come all the way to your doorstep; if you fear Me you will obey fervently My Commandments not changing one stroke from Them. So I recommend you all not to live with a double heart. Infuse your soul with My Divine Grace now that there is still time; repent while there is still time; come back to Me while there is still time. Do not heap your sin on sin. Alas! for those stubborn souls who shut their ears on these last warnings, what will you do on My Return? I am known to be Faithful and True (Apocalypse 19:12) and I tell you, Justice shall prevail . Do not be bewildered, My child. Do not stand mystified with what I have given you to write for it has been foretold that in your days My Church would be betrayed by one who was My very own, just like Judas, and Her apostasy would come from within Her.
I would be betrayed by those who shared My Meals, who had bonds with Me, who drank and ate with Me. But very soon now, everything that is covered will be uncovered and what I have said in parables and in metaphors will be made clear. I shall unveil My proverbs and parables to the poor. Before this generation has passed away, with My Power and My Glory, I shall overthrow the False Prophet. All that Scripture says must be fulfilled to the iota, this is why I have written everything down so that after the examination of these Messages, you will understand the mark of genuineness in every letter and that these are My Own Words given by My Grace to you all. I have come to revive this flickering flame of love before the false Prophet blows it away altogether. (Jesus wept) I weep, I do. He is lodging in My House and instead of offering Me fragrant offerings and sacrifices, he is replacing these by all sorts of evil forms offered to him by the evil one: impurity, promiscuity, injustice, disobedience to My Law, debauchery and drunkenness with the blood of My prophets, My very Own. Without ceasing, his mouth sends his boasts and blasphemies to the four corners of the earth, false blessings and true curses come out of this same mouth . I know all about him, I know him inside out and I tell you: he shall never reach the place of rest.
I, the Lord, shall give you My child visions of he who carries on himself the blood of many, and of those who worship him. Stay awake, praying at all times for strength to stand with confidence by Me. Hear Me: this Rebel's sins have reached up all the way to Heaven and aroused My entire Justice, followed by an Infinite Grief in My Soul to have to condemn him and his entire stock. My Father created them with delight and great Love and I have loved them and sacrificed Myself to redeem not only the just but the unjust too. I laid down My Life for them but he and his clan instead turned against Me with full conscience to wreck his faith (Jesus wept again) and break My Covenant forever and ever. His aim is to distort the Scripture from beginning to end and make out of My Word, Truths, Wisdom and the language of My Cross a cymbal clashing, a rational theory, a philosopher's theory, aping Wisdom, and with these empty teachings nourish a multitude and lead them to their death. Out of his boastful mouth he apes the Good News, he apes My Resurrection and My entire Divinity. Ah! The time of your trading is soon over, the merchants that traded with you and supplied you with the best quality of merchandise will be sunk and all people will be horrified at your fate. Daughter, read Ezekiel 28: "being swollen with pride, you have said, "I am god; I am sitting on the throne of God, surrounded by the seas." Though you are a man and not a god, you consider yourself the equal of God. You are wiser now than Daniel; there is no sage as wise as you. By your wisdom and your intelligence you have amassed great wealth, you have piles of gold and silver inside your treasure-houses. Such is your skill in trading, your wealth has continued to increase and with this your heart has grown more arrogant. Since you consider yourself the equal of God, very well, I am going to bring foreigners against you, the most barbarous of the nations.
They will draw sword against your fine wisdom, they will defile your glory, they will throw you down into the pit and you will die a violent death surrounded by the seas. Are you still going to parade as the High Priest clad in silver and gold? Are you still going to say: "I am a god, a Prophet," when your murderers confront you? No, you are a man and not a god in the clutches of your murderers! and you will die like the godless at the hand of the foreigners. You were once an exemplar of perfection, full of wisdom, perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, in the garden of God, in the Core of My Sanctuary but your busy trading has filled you with violence and sin. You have corrupted your wisdom owing to your splendour. By the immense number of your sins, by the dishonesty of your trading, you have defiled My Sanctuary." Then read Apocalypse 18 . Now sentence is being passed on this world. Now the prince of this world is soon to be overthrown, the second beast alias the False Prophet, the 'high priest', the Lance, the jackals, are all one and the same. He is the one who armoured himself to the teeth to make war on My Law (Alias Moses) and on My prophets. (Alias Elijah) He and his clan are the jackals I have mentioned to you in My previous Messages. I have grown weary of him and his whole clan and I take no pleasure in punishing. I wanted to redeem them adopting them as sons of Mine but they allowed themselves to be bought by rich merchants who will fall with them. Feel My sorrow, feel My grief, feel My pain, they are idolaters of money . My God, come and rest in the hearts of Your Abels, those who really love You. Maybe they are few and not many but they are Your saints who endure trials, they are the people who love You, they are those who have constancy and faith, they are Your companions, they are Your first-fruits who never allowed a lie to pass their lips. I offer You these so that You may rest in them. I will rest My Head in the hearts of My devout children, (the saints of your era). Come, love Me, console My Heart and amend for those who are depriving entire nations from My Love by building a wall between Me and My children. I have never deprived a soul from My Love. Pray My Vassula without ceasing. Many will be cleansed by prayers; many will be purged by sacrifices and fasting. Do not linger, time is pressing . Bless Me more, efface the world's iniquity by giving Me and showing Me more love. Ah Vassula, My daughter, please Me and tell Me these words: Jesus, teach me to love you tenderly. Give this grace to those who do not love You and do not know the Consuming Fire of Your Sacred Heart. Amen.

February 7, 1991 Message for the world: Peace be with you . I Am Jesus. I am the Hope the world is looking for - this Hope they are looking for is within their reach. They have but to stretch their hands towards Heaven and search for Heavenly things - they could seek Me and I shall respond to them. I am not hiding My Face, nor am I turning My Eyes away from them, My Eyes observe you all and survey all your steps . My Spirit indeed fills the whole world to brighten this darkness and give Hope to those who grope their way in this endless night. Beloved, with Heaven your homeland and earth your pilgrimage all the more reason to rejoice and to hope . O creation, am I to unveil your death shroud and not bring you to life? or I, who bring to life, am I to send you back to death? I am Mercy, I am Love. Look up in Heaven and see the Signs of the Times - I am coming to gather nation after nation and show My Holy Face to each one of you and remind you of My Love. But look, the beginning of sorrows have started, the beginning of your birth pangs too. You are witnesses since you became believers; that what you read in Scriptures is coming to reality. The outpouring of My Spirit in these last days of darkness is being poured out lavishly upon mankind - you are witnesses to things which were in riddles and said in parables before. You are witnesses of Satan's cruelty, but I promise you little children that soon after your sorrows (which will aggravate) will come Joy, and after your birth pangs Love will be born among you! But today I look with dismay from above on this generation's crimes which now have outdone the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah because your hopes are built on a false Christ. This generation is vile, rebellious and polluted with blood, and living under Satan's shadow. O era! your fine and so-called wisdom has indeed walled Me out because your hearts, pompous and filled with arrogance, consider to be the equal of Me your God. "Are you still going to say, I am a god, when your murderers confront you?" (Ezekial 28:9) Already blood is flowing in your streets.
In your wickedness you build up your hopes in all that is not Me. You have put your hopes on men and not on Me - on riches that do not save you, disregarding the Treasure I offer you in Heaven. You are building your expectations on mankind, based on a Lie, because you believe you can accomplish everything in your own human strength. Indeed, you (God is referring in this passage to the Freemasonry thinking) have amassed great wealth in your busy trading, but tomorrow you shall die . Few are those who ask: "why is it that the Lord and His Mother descend suddenly upon us?" and only a remnant of My sacerdotal souls are concerned about Our regular manifestations. I have said that I am going to send My Messenger to prepare a way for Me (Ml 3:1) and this is exactly what My Mother who is your Mother too is doing. Scriptures are being fulfilled and I tell you solemnly that the One whom My Abels and My Jacobs were longing for will suddenly come, entering His Temple to extirpate the Cains and the Esaus who made havoc and ruin out of My Church .
You have industrialized My House, this House which should have been a House of prayer! You have indeed turned My House into a den of thieves! If I am as you (The Cains and Esaus) say: "the Holy One" then where is the honour you owe Me? If I am indeed your Master, where is My respect? If I am your God, where is My adoration and My incense? Where is My devotion? How is it that you cannot read the Signs of the Times? How is it that you cannot understand Heavenly things? How is it that you do not believe anymore in My Marvels? Why are you persecuting My Abels and My Jacobs? if not openly, in secret? I appear as well as your Holy Mother and We manifest Ourselves through souls in many nations, but Our manifestations weary you, and even anger you. "How tiresome it all is" you say, (Ml 1:13) for to this day you have not understood the Heavenly things like My Abels and Jacobs. No, you have neither understood My Love nor the devotion you owe My Mother. You call to faith and rely on your strength, your authority and your reasoning - My Voice calling out today for repentance to the sinners disturbs your ears. When Righteousness suddenly shines out with healing in its rays, you refuse My Gift which is offered today in your dark era. Am I to accept your persecutions over and over again? Am I to sacrifice year after year My Abels and My Jacobs who are the incense of My altars and the sturdy pillars of My Church? You have closed your ears to My Voice to listen only to your own. You have deprived many of eating the fruits of My New Vineyards because Satan has entered you and ambushed your spirit, and lo, others are atoning for your crimes. (Suddenly Jesus' Voice became tender and sad) Others are atoning for your vanity and your folly, to save you. Everyday these generous souls offer their cheek to you, to be struck, to be abused and afflicted, for your sake. These generous souls expiate with their own blood to save you. I am waiting to hear you, but you are not saying what you ought to. You do not repent but you go astray as you pursue your course, dragging millions behind you. You go for seats and authority but not for conquering and saving souls, but you shall fall... and this continuous apostasy shall cease... and in you My Abels and My Jacobs I shall rebuild My altars that once were, but that now lie in ruin.
I shall make crystal-clear rivers flow out of you and your witnessing shall be fruitful because these waters will be coming out of My Source and like trees of life growing by this Holy river, My children shall prosper from your witnessing. Children, courage, I have not abandoned you, nor have I forgotten you. Anyone who lives in Me will feel My Love, anyone who feeds from Me shall not be cut off to die. He who remains in Me shall live. I, the Bridegroom, descend to wed you in My Peace and Love and remind you that from the Beginning you were Mine. I, the Lord, bless you, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your foreheads. Be one, under My Holy Name.
April 15, 1991 Lord, come to us in full force with Your Holy Spirit. For, most tender Abba, as You glorified Your Son and Your Son glorified You, the hour has come that Your Holy Spirit of Truth glorifies Your Son. Prove to the world that Your Word is something alive and active and not just printed words on paper. Let Your Holy Spirit "turn the hearts of fathers towards their children and the hearts of children towards their fathers." (MI 3:24) Peace be with you. Vassula, Scriptures never lie; it has been said that in the last days to come, people will keep up the outward appearance of religion but will have rejected the inner power of it (2 Tm 3.5). Ah! my beloved, will there be any faith left on My Return?... The inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit in it, alive and active; like a heart in a body, My Holy Spirit is the Heart of My Body which is the Church. The inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit who gives freely and distributes its gifts and its graces, so that the Church gets some benefit. The inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit, the Reminder of My Word, revealing nothing new, but the same instructions given by the same Spirit. The inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit, that transfigures, uplifts and turns you into real copies of Myself. The inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit, this Fire which enlivens you, purifies you and makes out of your spirit columns of fire; ardent braziers of love, living torches of light, to proclaim without fear My Word, becoming witnesses of the Most High and teaching others to look only for Heavenly things . The inner power of My Church is My Holy Spirit, the Life and the Breath that keeps you alive and makes your spirit desire Me, calling Me: Abba. If you refuse, My child, and suppress the gifts of My Holy Spirit, what services will you be able to do and offer Me? Do not be like corpses that keep up the outward appearance of religion but reject the inner power of it, with futile speculations; thus limiting Me in My Divinity. Do not stop those who come, as children, to Me, living a life of devotion to the Holy Spirit.
It is I who calls them to the wedding of My Holy Spirit. The secret of holiness is: devotion to Me your God, and you can do nothing of yourselves, unless My Spirit living in you guides you and teaches you Heavenly things. I tell you truly whoever fears Me will accept My correction. So do not sleep now, for these are the Times when one should be awake and vigilant, more than ever.These are the Times to open your ears and listen to My Spirit and not disregard it. Do not play the sage at the wrong moment by pushing the Breath of My Holy Spirit aside and suppressing the inner power that activates My Church. You want to be prudent? Open your eyes then. You want to be prudent? Open your heart and your ears, My friend, not your mind. A prudent person never scorns a warning from the Spirit; only the proud do not know anything about fear. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. You want to be prudent? Look for the Truth that desperately leans over your misery to save you! Look Who is bending towards your wretchedness and your wickedness to pull you to Him and lift you from your graves to breathe Life into you again! O come! Do not misunderstand Me. I am not forcing you nor am I trying to violate your liberty! I have taken pity on your generation; do not say that all I had to say has been said. Why limit Me as yourself? I am the Reminder of My Word, yes, the inner power of My Church and I am free to send you new portents and do fresh wonders. I am free to raise your generation and pour healing ointment on you from the Riches of My Sacred Heart; when I wish and on whom I wish.
I am building, yes, re-building My Church that lies now in ruin, so do not let Me face you, generation, in the Day of Judgment and be obliged to tell you: you were one of My persecutors who pulled down while I used to build. Mercy is at your doors now and My Compassion knocks on your doors in your times of tribulations. You say yourselves holy? Prove yourselves holy by showing Me your adoration; prove yourselves holy by showing Me the souls you are converting and bringing to Me, for My Kingdom consists not in spoken words, nor of an outward appearence of religion, but an Inner Power that only I can give you through My Holy Spirit. If you seek it; feel My Presence and My Love I have for each one of you. I, Jesus Christ, am present and bless you all out of the depths of My Sacred Heart, leaving My Sigh of Love on your forehead. Be one; ecclesia shall revive
June 1, 1991 Daughter, let Me preach to you, it is I who have given you the Knowledge. Pray that My Kingdom on earth becomes as it is in Heaven. June 2nd, 1991 Here Jesus deciphers chapter 21 of the Apocalypse part of chapter 22 and Daniel chapter 11:31-39. Ezekiel 48. My Lord? I Am. Peace be with you. Soon, very soon now I shall strip off your old behaviour and your old self creation, to vest you with My Divinity (Allusion to New Heavens and New Earth, Apocalypse 21:1) and remind you of the True Knowledge. So listen, My beloved ones, to My Holy Spirit - allow Me to prepare you all so that you may be ready to receive My Kingdom. I, the Lord, invite everyone to share with Me and see My Glory. My Heart is sick with love for your generation... Alas! for those who would still be carrying their sin, coiled inside them as with child when My Day comes! (Allusion to Matthew chapter 24:19) Pray that everyone may be ready when that day comes. Ail for your brothers who still live in darkness and have flung My Glory for a worthless imitation, this very one that the prophet Daniel speaks of. (To the unbelievers who do not believe anymore in the Perpetual Sacrifice: Holy Communion. The Resurrection) I shall speak to you in plain words considering the state of your soul and your lack of Knowledge. I do not come by force upon you with My Holy Spirit to violate your liberty, nor do I come to condemn you, I come to you out of Mercy to give you freely the fullest Knowledge of My Will. Through My Perfect Wisdom I come to augment in you the Knowledge I Myself have given you.
I do not come to add new things into that which has been given you already but I come to place My Kingdom in the middle of your hearts . Citadels! (We are God's house, a citadel for God. God called out to us calling us "Citadels", Daniel 11:31-39) Have you not yet understood? Have you not yet understood that I, the Lord, live in you? Have you not understood that you are My sanctuaries? When I speak to you about Heavenly things are you ready to receive them? Listen: Scripture says: "zeal for Your house will devour Me." Indeed, today again My zeal has reached its zenith and from above Fire shall come down and devour My sanctuaries. (Us) I shall transform you, Citadels, (That is: us) into a state of Grace in which you will no longer apprehend to desire My Glory nor fear to admit My Divinity. (Here God means that the unconverted and the unbelievers who refuse the Holy Eucharist and deny the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, God shall change with Grace) The Plunderer (Satan) infiltrated like smoke in you, you who are the sanctuary of My Holy Spirit, the sanctuary citadel of My Divinity. Satan's smoke penetrated through hinges and holes, invading you in your sleep, because you had not acknowledged Me in My Divinity but rather followed your own irrational ideas. I tell you this: I shall fill your darkness with My Light because I intend to wed you, generation, with My Holy Spirit. (Apocalypse 21:2. Apocalypse 21:9-11) It has been said that by force the Rebel will feed you one day a portion of Rationalism and the other day a portion of Naturalism with the intention to abolish and extinguish the little light that is left in you, you who are My temple.
The Invader (Satan) has invaded many of My Citadels, (Us. Allusion to Daniel 11:31 - 'forces of his will come and profane the sanctuary citadel') forcing his disastrous abomination (Sects like New Age etc... Materialism, rationalism that lead to atheism) inside you and abolishing My Perpetual Sacrifice (Once these people fall into these sects, or into atheism, they also stop receiving the Perpetual Sacrifice which is the Holy Eucharist. Dn 11:31) from within you (Read Daniel 11:31-39 and Apocalypse 13:14-18 and Apocalypse 21:1-27) to erect in its place a worthless imitation, (Sects: aping the Word of God) an image of mortal man, which is an abomination in My Holiness. (Jesus was weeping) You are My Holy City (Jesus said this very majestically. Apocalypse 21:2) and you, you who allowed My Holy Spirit to flow in you like a River, (Read Ezekiel 47:1-12. Apocalypse 22:1-2) you are My New Jerusalem, (Apocalypse 21:2) the First-Fruits (Apocalypse 14:4) - those very ones who had constancy and faith. (Apocalypse 13:10) And like dew coming from My Mouth, like raindrops on the grass, you shall put Hope in many arid hearts because all the radiant Glory of My Heart shall reflect in you, making you glitter like some precious jewel of crystal clear diamond. (Apocalypse 21:11) I tell you solemnly: many of you who are not born of the Spirit shall receive from above, by My Grace, the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth shall descend in all His radiant Glory out of Heaven and make His Home in you. My Holy Spirit shall wed you to become His bride, (Apocalypse 21:2. Apocalypse 21:9) embellishing you by His Holiness, and suddenly the Heavenly things will become visible in your hearts and My Kingdom unseen yet to the heart shall become visible and crystal-clear in all its Glory. Beloved of My Soul, Citadels, blessed are you that will be found blameless. (Allusion to Mt 24:19-20) (This (Jesus speaks to me now) is My way of teaching you Heavenly things - it is not without labour, My child, but be reassured, all that I have to say shall be written and read - this is Wisdom teaching you, My Vassula.
I love you and My love for you is everlasting .) I shall let everyone marvel at My first-fruits, and little by little the old world will vanish (Apocalypse 21:4) and wear out like a garment. (Hebrews 1:11) Only a little while now and all that had been covered shall be uncovered and all that had been hidden shall be unveiled in front of your very eyes. My New Jerusalems! You, who are the first-fruits of My Love, you whom My Holy Spirit seduced by My New Hymn of Love, you whom I wed - go out to the nations and sing to them My New Hymn of Love. (Apocalypse 14:3) Work for Peace - sow the seeds I have given you. Be like trees growing by the banks of the River of Life (Apocalypse 22:1) - let your leaves be a medicinal (Apocalypse 22:2. Ezekiel 47:12) balm for the wretched and let your branches bear fruit in holiness . Be My breech-menders, (Isaiah 58:12) (restorers of My ruined sanctuaries. Give to those who fell into Satan's impious nets and were fed portions of Rationalism and Naturalism and My healing Water from My Breast, this stream that flows out of My Sanctuary, (Christ's Body, Heart, Ezekiel 47:12) will fill you and make you wholesome - no man shall be able to arrest this rivulet. The stream will keep on flowing profusely out of My Heart - it shall flow everywhere, breaking into several parts, separating into other and several rivulets going into all directions and wherever this healing Water flows, EVERYONE, sick, lame, blind, will be healed. Even the dead shall come back to life again. No one will be able to stop Me from purifying you. Ah! Beloved ones, from rebels, I shall raise levitical priests; from dishonouring Me I shall turn you into pearls, radiant cities of light to honour Me and I shall live in you because you shall be vested in My Own Holiness. I, the Lord, will be in the land of the living. And those who stifle My Holy Spirit and see everything as nonsense, I tell you: I have things that go beyond your minds, I shall demonstrate the power of My Spirit and make your lips open and your heart cry out to Me: Abba! Love shall perfect you. Wisdom shall teach you to acknowledge My Holy Spirit and I shall make you join the saints too. I bless each one of you, leaving My Sigh of Love on your forehead. Be one under My Holy Name and you, who are My chosen instrument to bring My Love before pagans and rebels, continue your journey with Me. Allow Me to call you when I wish. I Am is with you and loves you. Come
September 15, 1991 Lean on Me, blessed of My Soul. I give you My Peace. Write: O Jerusalem! (That is: O generation) Turn your eyes to the east and to the west. Turn your eyes to the north and to the south and I Am there! I tell you truly that once more My Spirit will be poured on you and My Image will be spread across the face of the world. What I have planned shall happen and what I have told you shall be fulfilled. Come close to Me and listen carefully: today I come all the way to your doorstep holding the banner of Peace. I am coming to save you Jerusalem. On it is written: Faithful and True, (Apocalypse 19:11) the King of kings and the Lord of lords. (Apocalypse 19:16) Will I hear from you Jerusalem: 'My King, it is You that I have to worship' or will you still be unaware of He who offers you His Peace... now? Will you in these last days before the Day of Retribution recognize My Holy Spirit who descended from above in all His Glory to make house with you? During your whole lifetime, generation, you flouted My Law and turned away, rebelling - are you ever going to be prepared to meet Me, your God? I am soon going to pass through your City (That is, through us. We are cities) and it will be sooner than you think! These will be My last warnings. I solemnly tell you: Wake up from your deep sleep! You are heading for your ruin. Shake off the dust that covers you and rise from the dead. The End of Times is nearer than you think. (The End of Times is NOT the End of the world, it is the end of an epoch) 1. Soon, very soon, I shall suddenly open My Sanctuary in Heaven and there, your eyes unveiled, you will perceive like a secret revelation myriads of Angels, Thrones, Dominations, Sovereignties, Powers, all prostrated around The Ark of the Covenant. Then, a Breath will slide over your face and the Powers of Heaven will shake. Flashes of lightning will be followed by peals of thunder. "Suddenly upon you will come a time of great distress, unparalleled since nations first came to existence." (Daniel 12:1) For I will allow your soul to perceive all the events of your lifetime, I will unfold them one after the other. To the great dismay of your soul, you will realize how much innocent blood your sins shed from victim souls.
I will then make your soul aware to see how you had never been following My Law. Like an unrolled scroll, I will open The Ark of The Covenant and make you conscious of your lawlessness. 2. If you would still be alive and standing on your feet, the eyes of your soul will behold a dazzling Light, like the glitter of many precious stones, like the sparks of crystal-clear diamonds. A Light so pure and so bright that although myriads of angels would be standing nearby, in Silence, you will not see them completely because this Light will be covering them like a silverish golden dust. Your soul will only perceive their form, not their face. Then, in the midst of this dazzling Light, your soul will see what they had once seen in that fraction of a second, that very moment of your creation... They will see: He who held you first in His Hands, The Eyes that saw you first. They will see: The Hands of He who shaped you and blessed you... They will see: the Most Tender Father, your Creator, all clothed in fearful splendour.
The First and the Last. He who is, who was, and is to come, The Almighty. The Alpha and the Omega, The Ruler. Shriveled with your awakening, your eyes will be transfixed in Mine which will be like two Flames of Fire (Apocalypse 19:12). Your heart then will look back on its sins and will be seized with remorse. You will, in great distress and agony suffer your lawlessness, realizing how you were constantly profaning My Holy Name and how you were rejecting Me, your Father... Panic-stricken, you will tremble and shudder when you will see yourself as a decaying corpse, devastated by worm and by vulture.
And if your legs will still be holding you up, I will show you what your soul, My Temple and My Dwelling, was nursing all the years of your life. Instead of My Perpetual Sacrifice, you will see to your dismay that you were fondling The Viper and that you had erected this Disastrous Abomination of which the prophet Daniel spoke in the most profound domain of your soul: The Blasphemy the Blasphemy that cut off all your heavenly bonds linking you to Me and making a gulf between you and Me, your God. When this Day comes, the scales of your eyes will fall so that you may perceive how naked you are and how within you, you are a land of drought... Unhappy creature, your rebellion and your denial of The Most Holy Trinity turned you into a renegade and a persecutor of My Word. Your laments and your wailing will be heard only by you then. I tell you: you will mourn and you will weep but your laments will only be heard by your own ears. I can only judge as I am told to judge and My judging will be just. As it was in Noah's time, so will it be when I will open the Heavens and show you The Ark of the Covenant: "for in those days before the Flood, people were eating, drinking, taking wives, taking husbands, right up to the day Noah went into the ark, and they suspected nothing till the Flood came and swept all away." (Matthew 24:38-39) This is how it will be in this Day too; and I tell you, if that time had not been shortened by the intercession of your Holy Mother, the martyr saints and the pool of blood shed on earth, from Abel the Holy to the blood of all My prophets, not one of you would have survived! I, your God, am sending angel after angel to announce that My Time of Mercy is running short and that the Time of My Reign on earth is close at hand. I am sending My angels to witness of My Love "to all who live on earth, every nation, race, language and tribe." (Apocalypse 14:6) I am sending them out as apostles of the last days to announce that "the Kingdom of the world would become like My Kingdom of above and that My Spirit will reign for ever and ever" (Apocalypse 11:15) in your midst. I am sending My servants the prophets to cry out in this wilderness that you should: Fear Me and praise Me because the Time has come for Me to sit in judgement! (Apocalypse 14:7) My Kingdom will come suddenly upon you - this is why you must have constancy and faith till the end. My child, pray for the sinner who is unaware of his decay. Pray and ask the Father to forgive the crimes the world ceaselessly commit. Pray for the conversion of souls, pray for Peace
December 13, 1993 - Prophecy on Russia - God, Lord Almighty, bind me more to You, bind me in Your Eternal Love. I Am is with you and I shall never fail you . You are bound to Me... Now I have called you and you responded. Write My Vassula: your sister Russia will honour Me in the very end and one day will be called holy for I shall be her Ruler; once again - integrity will live there... yes? Lord, corruption is penetrating in her now... I will lower her eyes... I do not understand in which way, Lord, will You lower her eyes. Very well, I will tell you then: by the brilliance of My majesty (I understood by a purification, for when God reveals Himself and shines in a soul, the contrast of light within darkness is so great that the soul sees vividly its imperfections and suffers a lot) then I will come and rest in her heart... Lord, she still lives in the blackness of sin, and anguish. Those who have taken the wrong turning will fall; I will destroy the luxurious forces with My Fire and the proud will be brought low; I intend to rebuild My House and I shall adopt her sons and daughters to honour Me. Vassula, do not just stand there bewildered and uncomprehending: I tell you, your sister Russia will be the head (Spiritually) of many nations and will glorify Me in the end. Listen carefully and understand: her shepherds will be gathering while treaties will be breaking elsewhere; and while rebellion will be working its way elsewhere to abolish the Perpetual Sacrifice, Russia's shepherds will be gathering to restore My House, reverencing the Perpetual Sacrifice, worshipping and honouring Me. When in the last days nation after nation will decline and pervert itself for having erected the disastrous abomination in the Holy Place, Russia's shepherds will be gathering to sanctify her altars; and while others (The apostates) will be reverencing a lifeless form, an invention of human skill, an unbreathing image, Russia's shepherds will be gathering, glorifying Me, for I, God, will preserve her Integrity; and while efforts very evilly are being spent elsewhere to shorten the days of My mouthpieces, since they are the hope of this world, Russia's shepherds will be gathering, to protect My Holy Sacrifice; and I, for My part, will be setting My Throne in her, and I will assemble all those who bear My Name together for My Glory.
I will repair her broken altars, for many who live under My Name will side up with her in the end and her shepherds will, with one hand, and one spirit re-erect My tottering House - what had once been twisted will now be straightened, and I will adorn Russia with impressive vestments because of her zeal in me. I will place her shepherds at the head of innumerable nations. I have engraved her with the seal of consecration to offer Me, once more, incense and an appeasing fragrance - this is why I will overwhelm her shepherds with miracles. "Russia, My Loyalty and My Gentleness will sanctify you; Russia My daughter, acknowledge Me entirely and I promise you on oath to exalt your descendants like stars and give them sacred vestments; acknowledge Me entirely Russia, and I will annihilate all your opponents. I will, if you acknowledge Me wholly, do fresh wonders in you to prove to everyone living under the sun, My Mercy and My Holiness." I am ready to show My Compassion on her and I will not be slow if she welcomes Me eagerly; I will not delay to show her how I, the Almighty, can eliminate the arrogant and break their lawless scepters but, (Suddenly God's Voice dropped and became sad and very grave. It saddened me profoundly) if she will perverse the liberty I have just given her and will put Me out of her mind, even for just a while, I will allow an enemy to invade her... If Russia will not come back to me with all her heart and acknowledge Me with an undivided heart, as her Saviour, I will send a vast and mighty host in her and from her to all nations - a host such as has never been before, such as will never be again to the remotest ages - and the sky will turn black and will tremble, and the stars will lose their brilliance... "Today I am ready to make up to you Russia, for the years you suffered, and I can still snatch you all from the blaze, were you to acknowledge Me fully. Seek good and not evil - have you already forgotten your famine and your drought? (Spiritually) ...I have pushed back the red dragon and destroyed the luxuriance of his empire; I humbled the proud; I have opened the prison gates and freed your captives; I overthrew the kingdom of the red dragon that had coiled in your womb, that one that made the earth tremble turning your land into a wasteland.
To honour My Name again in you, I have opened your Churches one after the other; I called you by your name that Day: Russia (From USSR to Russia) to rejoice and be glad and to celebrate the Feast of My Transfiguration. (The Lord predicted to transfigure Russia in a message. The fall of the communism happened in the week of the Orthodox Feast of Transfiguration) I transfigured your image instantly; your misery of oppression was your punishment for the crimes of the world and now I am waiting to be gracious to you, Russia, for in the end you will glorify Me. I tell you: while others will be destroying you will be building; while many will be falling, your shepherds will be rising - if you put your trust in Me - and, while some of My Own sitting at table with Me will be wickedly betraying Me, you, you will be the one who will stretch out your hand to defend My Name, My Honour and My Sacrifice, and so every one of your sins will have been paid. You will then step forward loyally, and save your brother, your brother who was the prey of the evil one; you will resurrect the Church into One, and Justice will come to live in Her. Justice will bring Peace and everlasting security. Happy will you be, singing praises to Me; rich will you be, for the loyalty you showed towards your King, He will repay you a hundredfold; and there where treaties were broken, prophets despised and killed, there where much offense was sown and threats pronounced reaching the heavens with an uproar, there, My beloved, there your shepherds' noble voices will call out: "Salvation! Priests and ministers of the Most High, salvation will only be found in Love! Peace! Shepherds of the Reflection of the Father, peace will only be found in Forgiveness. Unity! unity, brothers of the Light thrice holy and Who is One in Three, Three in One Light, will only be found by intermarrying! May our Lord Almighty, the Irresistible One, render us worthy of His Name, may He grant us to be one in His Name. Eternal Father, let us be so completely one that the rest of the world will realize that it was You who sent the Sacrificial Lamb to glorify You and have Your Name known." Thus you will ravage the Divider and you will repair what had been undone. Russia, your role is to honour Me and glorify Me - the Festivity has yet to come, but it depends from you in which manner that Day will come. Do not let Me make you return to Me by fire, but with bonds of Peace . Vassula, allow Me to write through your hand - you are imperfect yet in your imperfection I will glorify My Name, My House and My Heritage. Love loves you and is with you every single minute of your life. Rejoice! I Jesus am with you.
December 20, 1993 My Lord? I Am; Let the eyes of those who do not see Your signs remain no longer closed. Let the ears that no longer hear, open and become alert. Let the heart that never understands Your Wisdom open and understand Your proverbs ... Let their spirit cultivate all that You Yourself planted to glorify You. I shall visit you all in the end ... (I understood: by Fire. God will visit us all by Fire and everyone will see, listen and understand) and you, My daughter, do not let discouragement take the best of you; your race is not yet finished, so do not diminish your speed. I will help you and My Voice you shall hear to hearten your soul . Listen now and write: in the beginning when you did not know what Integrity meant, in the beginning before Wisdom came to instruct you My Word, I had sent you in those days My servant Daniel (My guardian angel) to touch your heart and bring you to Me. I thus came to raise one of the lowest of mankind . It was by My Grace and Strength I made you Mine. Sovereignty dined with you and used you as His harp to enchant many of His household with His Love Hymn. Rejoice daughter, for I mean to complete your life's journey with you! In the beginning, before My Fire crossed through you, I had sent My servant Daniel to ask you to read the book of Daniel for in it are relevant truths; truths and prophecies that should be unsealed to be understood, then proclaimed. They are the signs of the end of times, therefore, the book of Daniel that was sealed and the words in it kept secret are now being revealed to you all in their fullness. I have been saying to all of you that your generation has apostatized and that this apostasy would creep into the heart of My Sanctuary affecting priests, bishops and cardinals. You see, daughter, I am talking about those apostates who are betraying My Church and are opposing My chosen one, the Vicar of My Church who holds their rebellion back.
But it was said that Satan will set to work in your times to destroy all that is good and will spring in pursuit of those whom I am sending you with My Merciful calls, that could have saved you. My calls and My signs from Heaven have not been grasped by those apostates but are rejected; yet everything evil that can lead their soul into further darkness and destruction will be welcomed by them instead. They would welcome the Lie and reject the Truth. It has been said (Dn7:25) that for a time, two times and a half time (Meaning: Three and a half years), My people would be under their persecution and the dominion of the beast.(Ap 13:1-18) It has been said that they will, with the help of this beast, consider changing the Traditions and My Law and are planning to remove the Perpetual Sacrifice, trample it underfoot and crush it and in its place erect the disastrous abomination, a lifeless image.... And every saint I am sending you in your generation will be put into their power. Today you are all watching how these prophecies are being fullfilled. Influenced by the beast, these apostates are making war on every saint I am sending you, proving today to be the stronger, (Dn 7.-21) than those who reject My calls of today with no reason at all. In My Day they will make this confession: (Read Dn 9:4-19) "O Lord, we have been blind and we have sinned. We have indeed wronged You and we have betrayed Your commandments and Your Law. We have refused to listen to Your servants the prophets who spoke in Your Name to all the world. Lord, we have not listened to Your Merciful Calls nor taken any counsel. God, we paid no attention to Your manifest signs.
We have been ridiculing all of them because we have sinned against You. We flouted Scriptures. Had we not, we would have accepted Your Sign in Heaven and the gifts of Your Holy Spirit. But we turned our eyes away not to see lest we see and get converted. And the curse and imprecation written in Scriptures will come pouring down on us now - because we have indeed sinned against You; and now, now that the Holy Sacrifice has been abolished, to whom can we turn? On what can we feed our souls? How could we quench our thirst? How could we obtain Life now? All the desolation of the abomination You predicted, but kept secret, has now come true. Our distress is unparalleled, since we first came into existence. (Dn 12:1) Vassula, My Love will sustain you. (The Lord stopped His dictation but had not finished the message due to its length. I understood that He will continue later [22.12.93]) Allow Me, My dearest soul, ever so fragile, to use you entirely. Be my silent witness. (By writing) Come .
October 24, 1994 Vassula-of-My-Sacred-Heart (I was thinking that by calling me in this way, the Orthodox will continue to turn against me because the terminology is Roman Catholic) - would it please were I to say: Vassula-of-the-Pantocrator? (Greek Orthodox terminology) You are dedicated under My Name. I am One (He is the same Christ) and the same, but men have parcelled Me out. He who sows division reaps a harvest of destruction; he who sows prejudice reaps a harvest of folly - have you not heard, that the fool folds his arms and eats his own flesh away? All the flesh that was covering them is gone and their breath too - nothing remains out of them but dry bones. My Names are Holy, (Christ's different names, eg, Pantocrator, Divine Heart, Ichthus, Alpha and Omega, Immanuel etc...) but men have patronized Me and have expelled Me from My Own House, My Own city and now from My Own Sanctuary (Not only Christ is "thrown out" from His own House because of a question of terminology, but in the West some have started to abolish the Perpetual Sacrifice) - they are oppressing Me and weighing heavily on Me; overweening with pride they are content to live in a desert.
But I mean, in these coming days, to display the holiness of My great Name which is, because of your division, profaned. I tell you, daughter, do you see how your people are living undisturbed and in an appalling lethargy when it comes to work for unity? (The Greek Orthodox 'skipped' many of the ecumenical meetings) I will allow no more of this; I am going to reach out My Hand even to the remotest parts of your nation and overthrow these traders ("Traders" signify in this context, those who look after their interests and not Christ's) that hinder My people to unite. I have raised you to be a sign of unity, a sign of My Mercy, a sign of My Power, but the passions of their ostentatious pride has turned them blind. Today I can say: "let their bones burn" and take revenge. I can widow your nation, but in My Mercy and for the sake of My Love I will raise from the East at least one who will say to his brother: (The Western brother) "come and tread on my ground; come and eat from my table, come and drink with me - my vats are overflowing with new wine.
Let us pasture our lambs together and make an Eden of our pastures. Our God! see what our hands have made out of Your Sanctuary!" My House in the West is being plundered; I had asked them to assemble under Peter, (Message of June 3rd, 1988) but they have not understood and are doing the contrary. Many from within that House are saying: "why is it that we have to have a guide, (Reference from message of 16th May, 1988) especially this guide?" I had warned you that cardinals will turn against cardinals, bishops against bishops and priests against priests. I selected Peter to feed and guard My lambs but the spirit of rebellion, thriving now, has reached its peak of rebellion - this was the great Tribulation I was warning you of. (Reference from message of 16th May, 1988) My House in the West is being plundered, but, the wind from the East will rise and together with My Breath will strip the plunderer. Many members of your nation object to My Call of Unity and have accustomed their steps to walk their own way - they call themselves rich, but then, where are their riches? How is it you have become a degenerate vine? Can you say that you have not sinned? Is there a single place where you have not sinned? You, the friend of My Saints! The child of My Mother! Why, why have you become so obstinate? What are your endless ceremonies to Me when you give Me praise by lip-service? Yes, you have kept My Tradition and this is why the sword will not come to you, yet you put aside My two greatest Commandments and do not follow them. Why do you separate Tradition from Commandment? (It means: "Pay attention to those two commandments as much as you pay attention to the Tradition.") Should you cover yourself with myrrh and incense I should still detect the stain of your guilt. Open your mouth now and let Me feed you so that you devour life. Do not say: 'we will go our own way.' Return to Me and acknowledge your guilt! And you, daughter, shout My Message aloud and prophesy. Say: I know all about My House in the West bank, near the River of Life and I know too who in this House remained loyal to Me. Daughter, what do you see outside this House? I see a lion prowling outside that House, and eager to enter Your House from a side window. Yes. The lion left its lair. Daughter, a destructive spirit is roaming; angel follows close on angel, to warn you all and tell you that My City in the West bank will be stormed by the ravager, and with great violence that is, to oppose and contradict My Law, My Tradition and My Divinity. The whole country shall become a horror. Your holy ones, My messengers and My prophets, will be hindered to go on with their work... and over you will spread a heavy darkness while the Enemy, who is a scholar, will be banishing My Perpetual Sacrifice, thinking his acts go by unnoticed with his secret sins. My Hand will descend upon him suddenly, destroying him altogether - that Night had been foretold in the Scriptures.
But he, together with others, have put their oath in the Beast's mouth joyfully, honouring only the Beast for having given them its power. Woe to the worshippers of the Beast! they will be moaning and bemoaning. Now, daughter, what do you see on the other side of the bank, My House of the East? I do not see any City, and the land is sandy and flat as in a desert; but I also see a green shoot springing from this desert. Listen and write: glory will shine from the Eastern bank - that is why I say to the House of the West: turn your eyes towards the East. Do not weep bitterly over the Apostasy and the destruction of your House; do not panic, for tomorrow you will eat and drink together with My shoot from the Eastern bank - My Spirit will bring you together. Have you not heard that the East and West will be one kingdom? Have you not heard that I shall settle for one date? (I understood that Christ was referring to all of His messages of unity, calling us all to unify the dates of Easter. This alone seems to "settle" Him and satisfy His thirst for unity. Christ promised us that if we unify the dates of Easter, He will do the rest) I am going to reach out My Hand and carve on a stick the words: West bank, House of Peter and all those who are loyal to him; then, on another stick I will carve: East bank, House of Paul, together with all those who are loyal to him. And when the members of the two Houses will say: "Lord, tell us what you mean now", I will say to them: "I will take the stick on which I carved Paul's name together with all those who are loyal to him and put the stick of Peter and his loyal ones, as one. I shall make one stick out of the two and I shall hold them as one; I shall bind them together with My New Name; this will be the bridge between the West and the East. My Holy Name will bind the bridge, so that you will exchange your possessions across this bridge - they will no longer practise alone, but together, and I shall reign over them all. What I have planned shall happen, and should men say to you daughter that these signs are not from Me, tell them: "do not fear - have you not heard that He is the Sanctuary and the stumbling stone as well? The Rock that can bring down the two Houses but raise them up again as one single House?" This is what you will tell them, daughter. I, God, am with you. I shall inundate with My Spirit many more hearts. Come, I love you -
have My Peace.

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