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Don Ottavio Michelini

Don Ottavio Michelini

Don Ottavio Michelini, of Mirandola, Italy.
In a series of Dictations and Visions which he recorded as given him by Christ and Mary from 1975 to 1979, there are some very important critiques which address the confusion, anarchy and rebellion today in the Church among many bishops, priests and laity. In these Dictations it is pointed out to Don Ottavio that such troubling elements are the direct result of a profound crisis of Faith that pervades the Church today due to a false interpretation of the so-called "spirit of Vatican II", and which consequently causes a serious crisis of the interior life. Available until recently only in a French translation from the original Italian, some of these small volumes of Don Ottavio's writings have now appeared in English also.
Although there is no internal evidence of any personal, mutual acquaintance between Don Ottavio and Valtorta, apparently Don Ottavio knew of and had probably read The Poem of the Man-God. Thus in a Dictation received by this humble priest in 1975 and 1976 on the Poem, the following excerpts are, he affirms, words dictated to him by Christ:
I have dictated to Maria Valtorta, a victim soul, a marvelous work. Of this work I am the Author. You yourself, Son, have taken account of the raging reactions of Satan.... You have verified the resistance that many priests oppose to this work. This also proves, Son, that he who has not sensed in the Poem the savor of the Divine, the perfume of the Supernatural, has a soul encumbered and darkened. If it were -- I do not say "read" --but studied and meditated, it would bring an immense good to souls. This work is a well-spring of serious and solid culture.... This is a work willed by Wisdom and Divine Providence for the new times. It is a spring of living and pure water. It is I, the Word living and eternal, Who have given Myself anew as nourishment to the souls that I love. I, Myself, am the Light, and the Light cannot be confused with, and still less blend Itself with, the darkness. Where I am found, the darkness is dissolved to make room for the Light.
The "new times" referred to in the quotation above concerns a theme which, with its companion theme of a preceding great Purification, suffuses the prophetic revelations of Don Ottavio. These two themes are the more sobering and unsettling because of their recurrence in so many other disparate and unrelated, yet seemingly authentic manifestations of a resurgent prophetic charism today as, e.g., that of Medjugorje mentioned above. These companion themes consist usually in a reiterated assurance of a now inevitable and imminent universal Purification of the Church and the world entailing catastrophic woes unprecedented in mankind's history, through which both the Church and the world will be 'redimensioned' and greatly reduced in numbers. This will come in the form of a severe Divine chastisement to remedy the spiritual and moral degeneration in both, now become humanly irremediable.

This "Good Friday" however will then be followed -- and this note of hope is always given -- by a new "Easter Sunday": a resurrection, a new Springtime of peace and moral goodness in the world and in the Church. In this new era of peace and goodness among men the Church will shine with a glory never before seen and will truly take her place as Mother and Teacher of all nations. As at Medjugorje, the fruits sought and often resulting from Don Ottavio's recorded Dictations are prayer, penance and a return to the interior life: the sole means, it is said, of delaying and/or mitigating the severity of this great purifying Chastisement. Here again as Christ counseled: judge the tree by its fruits, to discover its roots.

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