Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Vassula Ryden - Introduction

Who is She ?

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Vassula Ryden was born in Egypt on January 18, 1942 into a Greek-Orthodox Christian family. Her parents were originally from Greece. As a young person Vassula had visions of Jesus in a few dreams and she sometimes saw what she knew were souls of people who had died, sitting in her living room as if waiting. Aside from having these exceptional experiences, like most people nowadays, she had never cared about God or the spiritual life. She never imagined that one day she would be God's messenger until God unexpectedly appeared her in 1985 while she was living in Bangladesh with her Swedish husband and two sons. First, however, it was her guardian angel, Daniel who manifested himself to her, to purify her and bring her to God. Since then Vassula's messages, which are written in a stately handwriting-distinct from her own (view the handwriting), have become known around the world.
Since 1988 Vassula has been invited to speak in more than 50 countries. She receives absolutely no royalties, fees, or personal benefit for her efforts. In the nearly 600 public presentations she has been invited to give, she has told her personal story of meeting her guardian angel, of undergoing an intense purification and of meeting God. At these meetings she reads from the messages which God continues to this day to dictate to her. God Himself has named these messages "True Life In God". Wherever Vassula is invited, whether in Asia, the Americas, Australia, Africa or Europe, she is welcomed by crowds of people of all ages from every imaginable social class and milieu, both Christian and non-Christian. Among those who come to hear her testimony are not only Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic lay people, but also their spiritual leaders: priest, ministers, monks, nuns, bishops, cardinals, metropolitan, archimandrites and patriarchs. God's merciful call in the messages is a call to reconciliation, unity and repentance. He calls each one of us to enjoy an intimate relationship with Him while reminding us never to forget that He is holy.
Signs such as physical or spiritual healings follow her mission and many individual supernatural experiences are reported. Apparitions of Jesus' face replacing Vassula's have been witnessed countless times. The atmosphere of the gatherings is one of fraternal communion, joy, spiritual healing and interior peace. Most who come are deeply touched and keenly aware of God's invisible but palpable presence. An attentive reading of the True Life In God books - so far translated by volunteers into nearly 40 languages - confirms the universal character of the messages. They are written in such a clear and direct language that anyone of reading age can understand them. At the same time, their content is so rich and profound that brilliant theologians have been inspired to write books about the spirituality of the messages. Indeed, people who regularly meditate on the messages and take part in True Life In God prayer groups do experience an interior transformation. They begin to realize that God is truly alive and very near them. This is what an Orthodox theologian has called a "spiritual transfiguration" that leads one to love God wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Once mystically united to God, we ardently desire to worship Him and grow progressively in our love for Him.

The Vatican published the Notification warning Catholics concerning Vassula Ryden

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